Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Whoah ..been some time since i last posted , anyway works looking good , and on the entertainment side , just watched paranormal activity and i had to say i expected more but its not bad at all . Oh and also , its Chinese New Year now , wooHoo ~

On the other hand , bought a 12 string guitar last month on the 30th/Jan , Matt introduced me to my 1st acoustic , yeah like i mentioned , its a 12 string , really cool , love it alot , haven't thought of a name for it yet , but i'm naming it after a season , just need some time to really think over it .

ok lets see ..I've been writing only instrumental songs all these while (majority which was left hanging) , nvr wrote a single song with lyrics , and i'm kinda trying it out now. wow ..its not easy at all , at least for me , to start up. Been looking all over the net bout writing your own songs , got some really useful tips , realized i've been wanting to do more these days , my personal time gets lesser yet i want to do more , its weird , but i kinda like this feeling .