Sunday, November 22, 2009

So ..its Saturday :)
Can't believe i took 3-4 naps in just a day within 8 hours , well .. i'm extraordinary tired i don't know why ..
Went to MPH last Thursday to go looking around for some books (Whatever book catches my eye) , Ended up in the Self-Help section . I always find myself ending up in the self-help corner .. I just love lingering around this corner .. and i can stay around for a few hrs just flipping through the books , there are way many good books to see , and i picked up Tony Buzan's "Creative Intelligence" book , only read the 1st chapter as for now , but its going good so far ..

Its amazing to know how inspirational ppl think , when you're able to look deep into their thoughts , watch how every roots and nerves connects to each other , see how it functions , when scratch comes to life , its just great learning from them . Its really opening up your mind and receiving from the masters , ready to make a change in your life , be it little , let it come gradually , watch your life turn into the one you desire .

Good Night :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Alright , so ..i just came back from an Orchestra at Philharmonic Klcc , and i had to say its stunningly beautiful ...and i got struck in my head hard when i hear the performer play "Cinema Paradiso" ...The reason why i started picking up violin classes ..

why on earth did i ever gave up on violin class ?? i shuldnt think i'm too old for it rite ..i stopped the class at age 20 , for what ? tired ? not a good excuse ... nthgs stronger than the passion in you rite ? although i still continue playing the violin , without attending classes , i tend to pile up with lotsa bad habits ...violin starts slipping of my shoulder , cant swap my fingers in an accurate position and just way too many more to explain .. and i dont believe it when ppl say " you'll be good only when you learn since a kid ".. thats rubbish .. nothings too late to learn ... i've to find ways back to re-attend classes ..i'm 21 , and i believe passion + believe + practice would lead me to where i wanna be .. no one's gonna tell me i'm wasting my time or boo me off ..

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Alright ... i made a vow to myself , All to doooo before January ...

1) Get a pc digital keyboard plug in so i could start composing :D
2) Get Done with Splash Project (before end of this month)
3) Get Done with "Untitled" ( Hehe ..a short film im working on with vid footages i filmed while in India )

Hah ...this is proof ..cant back up now :P

Friday, November 6, 2009

The purpose of being a community of animal rights activist is to help spread the awareness and protect the animal's right , yes , no ? What's the use to be a part of the community while all you post is only the good thing but not the bad thing which happens to animal ? I just can't understand why are ppl being so paranoid about it and if you really wanna help raise awareness then accept the fact that all this is happening in our world rather than be a part of the animal rights activist community and hide all the suffering the animals had gone through ..thats not gonna help ..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Finally I'm back at Malaysia ..
what could i say ? It feels like home ...
In my own room , my own pc , own musical instruments ..

Whats empty inside of me now is the people i've met over there in India ,
I'm missing them alot .. the place and etc ..
I've met many great ppl i would never forget , I've learn from the ppl over there ,
I've learnt many , and loved many .. i never thought i would love India this much at the first place , its too good ..
ALL that i've seen , met , learned , i wouldn't forget ..

I am happy i went there , and met ppl over there , made friends with them , and i'm also happy cuz i know i'm going back there again defenitely .. And there's many more places to explore over there ..

I'm thanking everybody who made all these possible ..from the day i got the interview , the offer , the probation , and being accepted , anybody who's involved in it , no matter who you are , or whatever small little things u did which made a change for good , helped me earn what i had today ..

"Thank You & I love you all , god bless"

And Ohkay !

Back to Malaysia now , 2 things i regreted ,laugh all you want :)
- I Missed Taj Mahal (It was so stupid of me)
- I should have bought A.R.Rahman's concert ticket for collection (even thou it means missing the concert)

Those 2 above , but for Taj Mahal , i'm defenitely going there ! And for A.R.Rahman , i hope he comes to Malaysia , if not ..i'm gonna fly to somewhere he's performing the concert ..somewhere possible for me to reach at least :(

He's having his "JAI HO" concert today at Hyderabad , near Rajiv Gandhi airport , 6pm India time .. I wonder how's it like ..its gonna be awesome ..hope someone posts the video of it , or i can see the DVD displaying on the rack at the video store, Love u A.R.Rahman're awesome ..

Anyway , i'm gonna have to prepare for lotsa stuffs , gonna go back to my Music composition i didn't finish for a looong time , Splash Project , my India Short Film :D , and also Back to WORK on Monday !! :)

Love u all ! Good Night !! :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Its 6th October now and i will be leaving India on the 16th of October back to Malaysia ..The 2 months of which i spent over here has been wonderful and i've met so many people and made new friends , learnt new things , i met people who shares the same hobby and interest as me , and so ever passionate , so dedicated , so inspiring and all.

I'm glad i met them all and going back on the 16th now seemed a little too fast that i wanna spend some more time with them , but on the other hand , its also time to go , Miss my family and friends back there.

Going back home will not change the fact of what i've seen and learnt , whom i've met and whom i've admired and looked up to. I will always admire and will still learn from the people here , and i'll never forget the time i've spent with the people here.

It'll be another 10 more days here in India and i'll make the most out of it.
See ya ~ Good Night India :-D

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Finally after a loooonnggg loooong time i get to digital paint again ...Thanks to Shreya for organizing the competition , and Teh-O for letting me use your pc and wacom :D

Had fun in this one but made many mistakes too ,outcome wasn't like how i expected it would turn out to be , its totaly different , but much fun .

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just heard from Teh-O that "Yoshito Usui" is found dead ..

found the news over here too

Shin Chan will always stay as it is in my heart ..And i'll never forget how it made me so happy when i was young reading it , even now at my age ..
Thank You for leaving such great memories in everybody's heart ..

Bye Yoshito Usui ...Bye Bye Shin Chan .... Love and miss u all very much ...
R.I.P ..

Monday, September 21, 2009

Alright , finally i get to online again , after few days of lost connection with Internet World ~

And....And...THis is one of the best weekend i had in INDIA and i'm very very happy to get to touch music again after a month plus being over here india !! ><

Thanks to Samik ! Sheetal ! It was really really really fun today !!! We went over to Samik's place , we get to listen to his song , listen to him singing and it was terribly amazing , we get to play music together with all of u guys around , and i had never had so much fun for a long time since i landed over here , Thou i was a little shy to touch the instruments today , but in the end i get to play it !! ><

We went to Odyssey today , there were a few sections there divided into floors , and my fav section has to be the stationery's section , cuz they hav this black book with blank papers inside , with good quality papers and i can draw in it~
And also the music section , where they sell quite a number of music compilations really cheap , but i didn't get to buy the music cd's today cuz was half broke and i'm gonna use the left overs to pay for something interesting tommorow ~~ XD SO next week , Odyssey ~!! We're coming again !!! ><

We also ordered our FLute set today , it comes in different octaves and ranges in two sets , and we're gonna go collect it tomorrow ~~!!!

And thennnnn , we can play music all day tomorrow !!

Thank you soo much Samik and Sheetal !! Thank YOu Thank You !!! I had the best weekend ever ..T^T Good NIghtt !!!

Tomorrow !!! XD XD XD YAYYY ~~~~~~

Sunday, September 13, 2009

stop being defensive ..
just listen ..accept ..and think .

Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Lee Wen *Hugg*
Love & Miss you sooo much ~~

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ahhhh ~ ~
EVerybody went out for movies ~~
THe house is quiet and peaceful now XD XD
Can feel the wind from outside hoo hoo XD
lalala ~

relaxing on thursday nightt ~ After tomorrow its the weekendss and we're gonna watch final destination on Sat!! ( ^.^)V

Ahh ...can see the city from our view over here .. the lights ..
so calming little diamonds scattered all over the place ^^

Wonder what's everybody doing at home now ~

Whats Bob & Yumi doing now ~ don't forget mee yeaa ~
And how's my pc at home feelinggg , its been lonely for a month plus +
My lonely bed set ,my lonely toilet , my lonely instruments , my lonely wacom , my lonely car , my lonely drawer , my lonely alarm clock must be very quiet now one to ring to ..

C u all soon !! Nite Nite ^^ ~
Spend all your time waiting
For that second chance
For a break that would make it okay
There’s always one reason
To feel not good enough
And it’s hard at the end of the day
I need some distraction
Oh beautiful release
Memory seeps from my veins
Let me be empty
And weightless and maybe
I’ll find some peace tonight

In the arms of the angel
Fly away from here
From this dark cold hotel room
And the endlessness that you fear
You are pulled from the wreckage
Of your silent reverie
You’re in the arms of the angel
May you find some comfort here

So tired of the straight line
And everywhere you turn
There’s vultures and thieves at your back
The storm keeps on twisting
Keep on building the lies
That you make up for all that you lack
It don’t make no difference
Escaping one last time
It’s easier to believe in this sweet madness oh
This glorious sadness that brings me to my knees

In the arms of the angel
Fly away from here
From this dark cold hotel room
And the endlessness that you fear
You are pulled from the wreckage
Of your silent reverie
You’re in the arms of the angel
May you find some comfort here

You’re in the arms of the angel
May you find some comfort here

Some comfort here

Angel (Angelis)
Original Lyrics Sarah McLahlan

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Life is happy , sad , funny , exciting , amazing , torturing , all compiled into one makes life beautiful . Things could just happen anywhere anytime , and just as you know it just went POP XD

I'll just go on ..continue to live the life i am in , most importantly ..where i can reach for happiness XD

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Yon Hui ~ !! XD
Just wanna thank everybody who wished , celebrated and made an effort to make today an unforgettable day ^^

And thanks to Lee Wen ~
For the card and the present you prepared and gave to me the day before i left ,kept it till yesterday , put it right beside my bed last night , woke up this morning and see it next to me ..
And i Misss you sooo muchh ,thanks for making something lovely for me XD
Lets all celebrate together when i go home ~

Here's your favourite Louie XD

Thanks ~ Love & Miss you soo much ><
Thanks to everybody too ~
It was a great greAT GREAT Day too ~
And i'm happy today ...
Thankksss ~ Love you all ~!!!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

It might be silent through out most of the talk but , i'm happy and it feels comfortable to be able to talk to you ~ XD
Good Night , don't give in XD

Friday, September 4, 2009

Sad things kept happening repeatedly ..
Its worse when you cannot be there to listen to them talk , to comfort them , all you can do is just to say "i feel so sorry for you etc" which doesn't make anything better ..

Don't like the way i'm changing..seems more defensive and rude already ..or maybe all the while i am , but just to make myself look better i pretend i'm not ?? i don't know me anymore ...T^T

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Its a sad day today ..
When i came down from the car today my mobile phone dropped hard on the ground ..
Might have slipped off my pocket i guess , Its covered in scratches now T^T

Now it looks like a 1000 year old discovery thing dug from underground .. Huhuhu..
Sorry phony phone ..i shamed you T^T

Monday, August 31, 2009

Finally , after months since our last meeting ,
We've finally started our own forum.

"Splash Project" Forum XD

Just had our 2nd meeting since we started off this group ,
hope we'll be able to present Splash this year at CF ,
To all Splash Project Members ~~

GO GO Go !!! XD

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Today was a very fun , exciting , yet magical day ~
One day which i wouldn't forget .

I saw a falling star , it was a first one i've seen in my life .
It was evening when everyone pointed at the sky and said "Look! A Shooting Star"
A bright white streak of light falling down from the sky , slowly ..
That streak of light was beautiful .. magical .. nostalgic ..
It wasn't as fast as the ones i've seen in the movies , it did not dissapear in a glimpse , it took a while to reach the ground i guess .It was moving rather slowly.

I made a wish from that falling star .

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The walls are way toooo thinn ..ppl can hear me sing .. now i don't have privacy to singing already ..huhuhu T^T

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nuuu ~~~~

"THE FINAL DESTINATION" is releasing in M'sia on 3rd September and by the time i go back i can't watch it anymoreee ( T_T) The show which i've been awaiting for a loong time and this time its in 3D summore Huhuhuhu ..

Hopefully many people's gonna watch it , then it'll stay in the cinema for a longer period ..pls wait for me to come backk ><

Monday, August 24, 2009

There are times i feel uncertain , there are times i feel soo certain ..
but what is the truth behind it ?

I'm afraid i would stumble if its not what i think it is .. its a better choice to forget , cuz that makes it easier for me , for not thinking about it becuz i dont remember having it .. but what's harder is that i don't want to forget what i remember and what i have gone through together .
what i feel now , or what i think i have now..cuz all these are very important and precious to me ..

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sigh ... I miss my piano ...... TT^TT ............
I'm having Cheese Omelete here every morning , hoping this would help me to get fatter , and rather using the lift , i used the stairs , just like how teh-O did XD , Sleeping early , waking up early ,
healthy diet timing , hope all these helps me to gain weight within these 2 months ( ^_^)o

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sigh ..went over to Teh-O's apartment today to have dinner with them , then around 9 plus was a little hungry so i boiled some milk but eventually the milk over boiled and the milk spilled all over the place ..then i was stunned ..they had to clean up the place and all i do was watch em clean T^T wth ...
sorry .......................... then later on Michelle took the water boiler to boil some water but cuz some milk went under the fuis and not dried , it popped ..then the kitchen went black out . Then they had to worry bout wat to remove from the fridge and all this and that , the laundry stuffs and etc ..

Sry ...didn't know it would turn out like that ..
Sigh .... Shud hav just stay at home dammit ..

Friday, August 14, 2009

Lets see ..what can i say for today ..
apparently i fell sick on Wednesday , caught a sore throat , then at night it worsened , and it almost killed me during midnight .. but when i woke up on Thursday morning its fineee XD ok , not that fine , at least not that pain anymore , much much better ..but on Thursday i caught myself Flu , and today , Friday , i got a little cough i decided to eat plain stuff , non-spicy .

So yesterday night was with my friend having dinner , then i ordered chicken soup noodle , asking him if its spicy or not , and i told him i want "non-spicy" so he said ok . then i wanted to reassure again , i asked again "non-spicy" right ? then he said "yea non-spicy". So i waited for my food to come , then when it came , i took my first sip ..and ...and .... anD ...So much of black pepper or ajinamoto or maybe their spice or something like thattt .. i wonder again what's non spicy here T^T ..

So today for my lunch , i grabbed something safer at the canteen , plain white rice , some vegetables , and a healthy bunch of green vegetables :D So i sat down and ate the green vegetables and then CRUNCH ... theres this BIG CHILLI inside it. And i digged and flipped over the bits of vegetables . And i see all the evil little Chillis hiding there .


At this rate , its gonna take forever for me to recover ...

Either Fast food , or Indian Food ..which one now ??

so today , later on , i'll be extra careful make sure ...all my food is non-spicy ..for this period of recovering , this is all i'm asking for ( >.<)o

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Finally landed here in India , its my 3rd day here today , didn't have the time and connectivity to update about this ,but now i have the chance , so ... yeah XD

so what can i say about India for now , hmm lets see ~
Its a whooole new place ~ for me , everything is new , the people i met , the culture , the environment , all the big stacked up stones , the driving , the honking , the food , the manner and many many more .

Until now the stay is good enough, comfortable , and there are many people i miss back there ~
My family , friends , and even juniors whom i never once talk to them during the overnight at lab , if i see them here i would probably run towards them hugging them .

but no , i'm not homesick , just miss them all XD

Its a chance i do not want to miss out here , every hour , every minute every second is a learning process and i wanna enjoy them while learning out here and growing together with a whole group of people ..

Miss u all back there !!!!!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

There're many things happening lately , ecspecially this week , and it has to be done within this week XD , Lotsa lotsa stuffs before i leave .

And i just finished the Freelance thing and passed it to the client , so YAYYY for now !! XD
Its a relief when he finished transfering the files to his laptop , but the morning was a disaster when i woke up at 9:30 and start locating the files and burn them into DVD unfortunately the burning process didn't work out , i guess it didn't like that particular DVD and in the end i transfered the files to my PSP instead and brought it there (  -_-)" and allll becuz i lost my Thumbdrive ... T^T

why does my stuffs always run away form me i wonder .. i have to tie them up next time hoho ...

Ahh ..and another thing ..i felt like i neglected my family this week , i didn't really spend much time with them , and they're quite dissapointed ..Gosh what was i thinking ><>

And Wye Ee , Happy 21st Birthday !!! Shi ke Shu ! Hope u had fun !!

There are many things i wanna talk about and all but i can't finish typing it now , I'll think of how to write it down here , again , later !!!

C U  !! (  ^o^)o

Friday, August 7, 2009

I went back to SriKL- today ~ 
and this time dragged Danny along lol, Thank you for the accompany ( ^o^) 0

Went back mainly for the nasi lemak i've been eating for many maNY yearss , until today , its still the best one i've had ><

Reached as early as 7am and to my surprise there weren't many students as it used to be like before when i was studying there. The canteen used to be crowded as early as that last time .

After the breakfast , walked around the primary school area and peeked into the music room , and the scent was exactly the same like how it used to be like when i was a kid  , ah ..i liked that scent , wanted to join the kids in the music class too ><

Overall was fun , and i'm glad some teachers remembered me  ( T^T)o
Last time i use to dislike them ..but now i miss them ( X_X) whats this ....

Anyway , today i met Louie XD , and its been nice on its 1st day ..
its kinda upset i left it in the car when i was out and when i came back it doesn't look happy ..its been very very upset  lol 

" Grrrarrrrr "

Monday, August 3, 2009

A dream which came true but not true .

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Here is the rules : once you've been tagged you must tag or give it to 3 blog you LOVE or more! i'll tag :
- Hakim (You might not have a blog but whatever ...)
-Kheng Yooi ( You don't have a blog too but create one after you see this lol)
-Cizy(Thanks for the tag :>)
Recently been doing lots of Tags Yeah i know XD
But its fun to see what people's answer are and know more about them rite ? Lol ~
Have fun Tagging ~ XD

Friday, July 24, 2009

Got this from Cizy T^T (Thankyou ..)

All you have to do is:
1. Copy and paste this award to your blog

2. Tag and give this award to at least 3 bloggers or more you *heart*

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Tag : Danny , Teh-O , Wye-Ee
Thanks , Bye Bye !!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ahhh ...i'm still rendering my final's in college , 3:31am and its raining out there , the scent of the rain is strong , it feels so comfortable , ecspecially when u can hear the rain drops "psssh ....psssh ....." like that .

And today ........i ATE BEEEEFFFF !!!!
Moooooooooooooooooooooooo ~~~~~~~~

If i die then you know la. ....Mooo...Moo ....

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Chip Hui !!
hope you had lotsa lotsa fun today ~
and sorry i didn't finish your painting , but you were kind enough not to ask about it today XD
i thought you forgotten about it , hmm ..Anyway Happy 24th !! :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Today i'm graduating..the looong awaited day people have been talking about , joking about , making fun about . In another 6 half hours we're all gonna be there in the ceremony in our robe and hats , going thru the graduation ceremony process ..and and ..and ....havn cut my hair +_+

but nvm ..i'm not going to cut it anywayz , too late Ahaha , okay anyway today's the real day , enjoy yourselves everybody ~

Friday, July 10, 2009

Graduation is near .
Its going to be happy , but also ,
sad ..
sad about leaving my friends , being not able to spend time together with them like how i used to , even now .. I know we could still meet each other and stuffs like that , but its not going to be like  how it used to be. Its not going to be easy .To call up and have everybody there to meet up at the same time . Everybody will have something to do , something to keep them busy . Working in different places , diferent lifestyle , different breakfast hour , lunchtime , dinnertime.. might not even have supper ...

I'm not very comfortable with this feeling ..

Somehow i hope we could stay with each other longer , longer time to know each other , talk more , joke around ..but i guess its still going to happen .
I hope the graduation is not an end , but a start , 
to learn to keep your friends in touch , around you .. 

this Saturday ,  Happy Graduation ....

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pushing everything good to let one learn is not the best way. Let them learn to walk by their own . I believe they'll learn something extra rather than being pampered by all goods.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

recently my gastric striked back again , ecspecially between this few days , but still wasn't as terrible as it is the last time last year , i felt like vomitting back then . It came back again and i thought it might be how i've used to have supper every midnight but stopped this few days .

I want a balance life when i start to work lol , OT maybe , but not everyday like now , one side of my head is heavier than the other i almost toppled over HAHA just joking thats how i use to describe how unbalanced i am .

Our trailer is finishing , should be up here by tommorow , or maybe after July 11th , my GRADUATION , yes i'm graduating this SATURDAY .

"JULY 11th 2009"
"G/K/B_ _I"
"se7en Eleven"
"the11th day of the 7th month of year 2009"
"the 192nd day of the year (193rd in leapyears)"
"Giorgio Armani's Birthday"

Its going to be a big day for everybody XD
C u all at the graduation !!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Finally ~
I have a little time to spend with my dogs at the weekend ,
My never ending promise came true.
Its Saturday , so i went home early from college ,  around 6 i picked up my sister and my dogs to the park near my house and we had lots of fun .

Its been so long since i took pictures with them , and the lighting was just right , The photos are taken with my mobile phone so pls don't mind the quality ~

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Haven't blog for quite some time , don't know what to talk about but just lemme talk bout thing which excites me ( !o! )

I went to coll on Monday , Carson told me i got myself an award for the Student's Creativity award thing , so i was surprised , didn't think that i would win anything out of it , but i won an award for my 3 years Plus in TOA for the first time lol , and also congratulations to Carson , Jarold Meng Guan , Charmaine , Ngai Charm , Teh-O , Chris and everybody who got in as well ~

And then on the same day , Rhythm and Hues called me up telling me to try the test and i was HAPPY of course , so i did the test on Tuesday , didn't manage to finish it , faced lots of problems then i proceed working on it on Wednesday and finished it , sent it to R&H , and Thursday morning i checked my mail and there are certain parts which needs to be fixed. I Fixed it and Thursday night i sent again , and today , FRIDAY , while i was looking for parking around my coll , R&H called me for an interview on next Wednesday , I was HAPPY and then right after that call i spotted a empty slot for my car like its meant for me i was even Happier then !

Its a happy week , but also filled with lots of troubles and worries .I had to keep myself on track for the Trailer thing , and i have to finish the test to send to R&H , on and off i tried balancing on both , i turned out quite okay , not too good , but not too bad , but its sad i didn't manage to celebrate my Dad's birthday on July1st , I didn't even give him a Birthday card like how i used to do last time . No present , nothing ..but i hope by getting into Rhythm and Hues , it would be a better present to him than a card itself .

Many things are playing inside my mind right now , The fun i used to had , I still have it now , but it feels a little different , like i don't know how to explain , its just the different fun . The people i hang out with , my friends , classmates , anybody else , i'm going to miss them all ..My graduation's next week . And in 2 weeks-3weeks time , i'm finishing my final project .

I'm looking forward to finish my final project between this time span , but at the same time , i felt like i wanted it to be longer . I want to hang out with u guys longer ( YoY) , but i couldn't since the final project's pushing us to an end . We have to make things work fast , the faster we finish , the faster we're going to split .

I felt stuck in between .

Its sad hearing "we're not going to be friends forever" or "there are no friends forever" something like that , I don't want it to happen , i hope it wont happen and i hope it'll never happen.
Its going to be annoying if i can't annoy somebody else _( -o-)_

Tommorow's Saturdayyyy ...the LoneLy SATURDAY ...short and silent Saturday ..
Somebody pls make some noise tommorow ~~

I'm listening to Michael Buble's SWAY ..this used to be my fav song last time ..till now ..not bad i still like it alot ..

Monday, June 29, 2009

I've been wandering off somewhere lately mind ecspecially , cannot focus on one thing itself with too many things bugging me and i need to learn how to balance them up !! And so i sent my resume and demoreel to R&H , and i remembered the very second , when my finger was laid to rest on the left click button of the mouse , ready to click on SEND and then i clicked on it and felt i lifted 1000tons of my shoulder , then i went on telling my friend " I sent it , I sent it etc etc" I was really excited XD

I'll laugh at myself 10years from now if i ever remember how nervous i was when applying for my first job . I checked every single details , phrase and spelling of the message and resume which i was about to send , I checked over and over again , again and AGAIN repeatedly like i'd never get bored of it because i'm afraid of typing the wrong thing , but its good to look back how excited you were when applying for your 1st job , after all , the first job is very important to me , what would i turn out to be , where will i be , i don't wanna make a single mistake if i can avoid it.

Its reaching 31st June , we'll be going for the trailer for our FINAL short , try to make it look as good as possible , then after the graduation we'll make the best out of it !

I realized there are lots of things to keep you busy as you're growing older , and i really like the way they work . I don't get bored at home like last time , and i don't sleep all day long unless i'm really drained out . I don't sit down infront of the TV watching it all day long , there are fun's and the no fun's in these process . Wherelse i spend longer time in college usually up to 2AM to try finish up the project asap , meanwhile fooling around , making lots of noise , and next time i'm going to miss all these . At the same time , i miss the old days when i used to be very free as well , no worries and all , always thought if i could do any better at that time it would be just great .

Some of you might have heard this song before , or most of you , but i just wanna share ~ Its not something i want to relate to , just something to share ~

Here's the Link (

Kate Dearaugo-Heaven

Oh - thinkin' about our younger years
There was only you and me
We were young and wild and free
Now nothin' can take you away from me
We been down that road before
But that's over now
You keep me comin' back for more

And baby you're all that I want
When you're lyin' here in my arms
I'm finding it hard to believe
We're in heaven
And lovin' is all that I need
And I found it there in your heart
Isn't too hard to see
We're in heaven
Oh - once in your life you find someone
Who will turn your world around
Pick you up when you're feelin' down
Now nothin' can change what you mean to me
There's a lot that I can say
Just hold me now
Cause our love will light the way

N' baby you're all that I want
When you're lyin' here in my arms
I'm finding it hard to believe
We're in heaven
And lovin' is all that I need
And I found it there in your heart
Isn't too hard to see
We're in heaven

I've been waitin' for so long
For something to arrive
For love to come along
Now our dreams are comin' true
Through the good times and the bad
I'll be standin' there by you

And baby you're all that I want
When you're lyin' here in my arms
I'm finding it hard to believe
We're in heaven
And lovin' is all that I need
And I found it there in your heart
Isn't too hard to see
We're in heaven
Ohh, Ahh..We're in heaven

Lastly , Teh-O , Wye Ee , I'm not emo or anything i'm perfectly normal okay "Jeng Jeng Jeng" ~~

Friday, June 26, 2009

The echo itself is already a beautiful thing . I'm not bored of it , in fact , i would like to hear more , and if i could only listen to forever , be apart of it , that would be the most wonderful thing that would happen .

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Its latteeee yes i know ..3:55AM 

and Thanks to Danny , listen to me talk blablabla and giving me priceless advices also , i really don't know what to say already , just .. Thank You , lol .

 Teh-O  , Thanks la , I was shocked you don't really know much bout me at least you tried to give  comment and intro the correct person ?? LOL Thank You too !!

Finally Wye Ee , Thanks for listening to all my crap also ~ And ur comment was really straight forward it made me cramp when i look it it , but ..anyways , you did a good job so i shall reward you with a BIG Thank You XD Hahaha

Finally , Danny if you see that this post's format shares equality as your newest post at your blog , you're not wrong , Something i learnt from your post too  , Its really easier to credit like this  

End .(' v ').

Monday, June 22, 2009

Look what i saw again last weekend at the pet shop , its a Prairie Dog , I've seen him/her the 2nd time and this time it seems to recognize me .. anyway this time its much more active than the last time i saw it , its like telling me " Buy me ! Buy me ! "

I searched over the net and found out that Prairie Dogs have very friendly approach and it seems to treat human
as one of their kind even at their first meeting , they also produce barks like dogs and i think that's how they get their name ,
They're Vegans , they answer to barks and chirps , when you call them by their name they'll come to you , also when they meet 
their kind at the first meeting they KISS !!!

Here's One i got from WIKI !

Saturday, June 20, 2009

dot dot dot .. tommorow's father's day and i haven't done anything yet , and i can still hahaha XD , sigh , our final project's coming to an end soon , and i'll have to leave TOA for goodness sake , that's sad actually , and happy ...and sad and happy and sad ..blablabla ..then i just started listening to Acoustic Cafe's "Last Carnival" , so inspirational (-O-) bye bye TOA ....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What am i waiting for ? I'm waiting for something that'll never happen , and i know it. 
Isn't it silly to still wait but knowing its not going to happen ? why this stupidity ? I can't seem to get back to how i used to be before this . easy to forget what i wanna remember , hard to forget , if i have a choice it would be best i'd never knew you ..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My "Wish Balloon" , did this outside the 3D Lab while waiting for other class to end ~

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Today's a very enchanting day , here it goes , 

My brother went to the watch shop today so i followed him  and then as i entered the shop my eyes looked around and an instant spark flashed over my eyes and i caught a glimpse of a bright golden object right behind the glass . I walked towards the glass table , its a golden pocket watch contained in the glass table and that first glimpse of it stole my thought away for a minute . I could hardly describe how special the feelings it gave me that instant and then the whole of it melted into me and then i was staring blankly at it . The beauty of it is indescribable and it seems so precious and (Ugggghh) . 

So i asked the lady if i could take a look at it , so she unlocked the glass table and took up the pocket watch and slowly placed it onto the table , be careful not to scratch it , and then i lifted the pocket watch with my hands and i flipped open the cover , it's really beautiful and it seems like a treasure to me , i looked at every single detail of it carefully , every little detail seems so special and captivating , yes its a charm , as if i've fallen in love with it.

"Just a pocket watch onli ma , look so old , like for uncle onli " my brother suddenly said . Nooooooooooooooooo He just crushed my  fantasy T___T Hmm hmm ...

Wachaaaaa !!! If only i can jump up and freeze on air with my karate leg facing my brother's face with the camera turning around the 2 of us 360% with the shop lady shock expression freezed as well and HIYEAKKKKK !!!! Kadooommm kick him out of the watch shop T_T and the pocket watch is mine ..Guess the lady too freaked out edi XD

Anyway in the end we left the shop and i missed that pocket watch now T_T 

I was supposed to sleep bout an hour ago , but i dragged it till now ...Nooooo ....I'm going to bedddd and i shall dream of the Pocket watch !!! Tick tock tick tock tick tock .

Whyyyyyy T_T
Oooooohh its soo sooo soo tiringgg i just came back from drink and Tze Liang's Birthday party there are lots of people i don't know : < Anyway its really fun , haven't been to a friend's birthday party for quite some time ..brrr....I don't know what to type anymore I'm so tired tired tired and I'm going to Sleeepp ..Good Nighttt U.U

Friday, June 12, 2009

Is there anyway to stop this horrible feeling inside of meeeee ...(If you don't get it it's okay , I'm talking to myself ) Its very distracting i can't concentrate on my workkk (#,#)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And I've just woke up from my drag sleep and its very tiring but also very cooling and easy since i've no rush to go to college today .. Its afternoon now when i woke up and i still find the outside like the early morning i used to open my eyes on cuz i woke up on listening to Kotaro Oshio's music ,hmm.. Been learning a couple of songs of his these few days and i've totally forgotten in the past how i'd left out such amazing music , Yeah and lately there are so many things going on in the lab , i've met new people and made new friends , then i'd stay over at the lab till midnight to finish up my stuffs while slapping my face all over facebook then i would start annoying people eventually how did i turn out to be like that .. i couldn't believe myself when i wake up from sleep and thinking bout the night before i'm a totally different person from day bright to night lifeand it doesn't make any sense  anyway blablabla i still had all the fun i want ~~

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo   I forgotten my best friend's birthday !!!!  HOW Could this HAPPENNNNNNN ...........................................................

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just got home from coll late , seems like everyone's asleep . Went to look at my dogs and sigh , one of my shih tzu might go blind . She got herself a lil scratch in her eye last weekend and i didn't noticed it until tuesday and we had the vet to come over to take a look at her on Wednesday , he did supply some med to apply on the eye but until today it just doesn't get any better and i'm worried if she might really go blind on her left .

After i entered college , i spent lesser time with both my dogs and lesser walk at the park together , lesser patting , lesser playing around , lesser messing up the house and its been 3 years plus including this year since it all started . 

Everytime i come home i'm either tired , exhausted or rushing to do my work , i know i got myself some reason not to spend more time with my dogs but damn do i really love and care for them at all sometimes i wonder. Even when i we go for a walk its like 3 weeks a time and sometimes not even once in a month . When i wake up early in the morning again i'm rushing to do my stuffs and all  and then prepare to leave to coll but is that a reason ? Or am i just lazy ..

I do love them and now they're getting older and older and i'm getting busier and busier and i actually felt like i've been abandoning them all these years . Everytime i pass by them or leave the house i would wave them bye , love you , etc. etc. but i wouldn't spend extra time stopping by pat them hug them or etc and thats what i do everytime i leave the house and they would just stare at me like they knew what was happening , like i have no extra time for them . Even everytime i approach them they would stand and wave their tails excitingly thinking i would take them for  walk but sadly it didn't happen and i just walk back into the house after patting and chatting them for some time.

I've treated them unfairly and they should be pampered from the start . Sigh ...what would i do if she went blind ... I should spend more time with them and bringing them to the park every weekend on the exact time from now and i hope i'm really gonna do that . I don't wanna loose them so much i'd many experiences of loosing many of my pets from many years of experience , one last year , which was the longest dog i've had even before i went to school , thinking of it i cant bear to loose them both now . but What i've been most afraid of is them thinking that i don't love them anymore , sigh . If only they understand what i say , yeah if only they understand Human Language then i can tell them how much i love them . If not i can learn the Dog Language . where to ... ? 

Anyway Love you two no matter what .. and YUMI  dont go blindddddd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T______________________________________________________________T

Monday, May 25, 2009

Currently still busy with my group's final , nothing much to update since i've been doing pretty much the same thing everyday , and some paint practices as well . Its coming to the end of May already , then another month plus for the official Grad . "_" Just woke up from a short nap , still in confusion of what to say ,  lots to share actually but i need to have my brain activated 1st , maybe later !

 Something for practice .

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Woke up late in the noon today to find out that my hard disk is dead . Great ..i do have backup for my assignments but for some other stuffs like the old artworks and some photographs all gone . So i went to college , went to the PC lab , plug it in , cant read then remove and plug in again and supprisingly it works !

So i start transferring my files and in the mid of it the external's dead again #_# So i tried again and again found out that the pc sometimes read and sometimes it doesn't . I didn't think it would be the USB prob cuz i've been using the cable for months , biggest possibilities i could think of is the virus and the fall on the floor last week.

So again at night , still in the lab , i tried again and it worked , i transfered my important stuffs and then i right click , format . It just does'nt lemme do it saying i don't have the permission to blablabla . so now i'm in the lab still finding ways to format it T_T my poor poor hard disk.
Maybe i need to drive all the way to the mall and shop to get it fixed and i lost the warranty card too ...

Anyway Joe the technician happened to came into the lab so i asked him help me to get the disk formatted so TA-DA its done.
Today's speedpaint "SHOTA" ??? God Almighty ..
Speed painting session with "Teh-O , Wye Ee , Aiori , Terrence , Danny"
Anyway its fun and i didn't run off topic but this shota seems a little bit bigger in size thats all Gahaha .

Go Get 'em Boy !!!
(Photoshop Cs3 , 2 Hours)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So finally Swine Flu/H1N1 landed on Thailand . Better be extra cautious of what you hold and no rubbing nose , eyes and touching your mouth and if you do , wash them . I think everyone should know this lol , juz that i dont feel good not typing it out , Gahaha.

Newayz Thanks Teh-O for the speed paint invite , eventually i polished it and it looks like i ran off topic again. I tried lolifying it but failed too but it was fun ! Thanks !

Newayz i should go to bed now , its 5:07 AM !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Okay somehow the user removed the journal so the link doesn't work anymore . lets just hope the artist's doing alright , the work's removed anyway , wouldn't try to keep the work on DA since it kinda violated DA rule but the stupid Self promoting statement is an absolute rubbish and untrue.
I'm sorry i cant help it but to share this with you guys , and i just dont understand how people cant see from different point of views and appreciate something as pure art rather than causing a rant , making artists miserable . 

SO here's the story ,
This guy , A user on DA , Cellar-fcp if you guys have an DA account and had watched him , you'll know the skills and talent he possesses . 
So recently , He posted up some of his few collective paintings with the visual theme of "Prostitutes" in his upcoming book Erotica. Then the newest painting came up , titled Child Prostitution , with paintings of children underage , half nude. So here's when the rant started when people started to disagree on how could he paint and post something like that which is clearly against the Law and DA's Rules & Regulations . 
You start hearing noises from some dimwitted-head keeping up to their plain stupid ego and even reported to have it removed from DA.
Here's one good example , just go to the link.

Worst , when you hear people telling that the artwork is not beautiful , its sick and all , and what's worser than you can imagine ? Its when you start hearing people say he's painting all these prostitution image including child prostitution , as a self promotion to earn profit. Thats Sick to hear.

It would be great if people could just appreciate art as it its , but sadly no... Sadly no ..
I'll end today's post dissatisfied , after witnessing so many great artist , now one of my fav artist having to face some bullshit , fighting against the narrow minded , lets wish him the best of all !!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

HOLLIE Mollie Ollie been some time since i posted .....mentioned that i recovered from sick and didn't have the motivation , strength , sense and patience to put myself still face to face with my PC , cant draw ! cant paint ! what the hell is wrong ..hope this is not gonna happen every time I've just recovered from some stupid sick or that would be hell cuz its been almost 2 weeks since that and only now i find myself slowly going back to the usual state , and with 2 weeks that's long , and i kept looking at motivating works , sites , books ,so afraid to loose everything i learnt , blablabla and so on ..there must be someway to stop this ill fated disease therefore ..lets move on to sacrificial now , Ok and lets put that aside now ..Gahaha thats rubbish ... newayz today's Mother's Day , so i presented and gave my mom a paint , not something big or shiny but i hope she likes it !

Treasure your Mama ! I dont know why people out there some of them been acting crazy saying they'll kick their Mom's Asses when he sees her cuz she made his life miserable as hell , don't know the story but that's entertaining Gahahahaha , way to wish your mom a happy mother's day .

Lets move on to the next part . I'm a lucky person today . I can't get the ImagineFX Mag at the store today , so ..I turned to other shelf and look what I've got ! I've gotten myself "Skeleton Crew" ! If I'd get the ImagineFX mag i'd just pay and walk out , i wouldn't have found the Skeleton Crew ! Anyway it seems to have lots of interesting stories in it , One of it The MIST , been adapted into a movie by Frank Darabont , but still gonna read that part , lets see how good the book can be , movie was already way to good ! As Usual , Stephen King's never a disappointment .

Friday, May 1, 2009

Just recovered from a bad sick i had which went on about 4 days , i didn't draw anything all along and when i started to paint in PS again a while ago , i realize i cant paint or draw like before , like i don't know art anymore ..................................... howdy ...... could it be the swine flu symptom ..? ..gahaha , anyway i hope its just temporary , everybody be careful , Swine Flu is getting nasty and bad we don't know how far it can reach , better be extra hygiene !

Monday, April 27, 2009

Hey there , i typed " dealing with pessimistic people " in the google bar and clicked search , and these is what came out !

It is a very useful resource depending on how you look at it , but i think its great !

If u cant change a pessimistic person , isolate yourself from them ! sounds rather selfish but this is the best way i've thought and read from ! No point playing along with them to ruin your life !

Please read if you can ~ it helps digest my thoughts towards pessimistic people after a few secs reading them !
this is some deep shit .

Saturday, April 25, 2009

went to the Print shop today to have the painting done for my brother printed out but i forgotten one important stuff ! The original workfile for printing !! I left the thumbdrive at home ! How could i Oh dam , so in the end i had to ask the guy to go onto my blog , This blog , yeah the one you looking at now , told him to click on and save the picture i had below , save it and print it . In the end the whole picture turned out 40% Dark and isn't what i wanted , dont know what happened , the format was set to CMYK but still , i paid for that print anyhow :< totaled up to 15 bucks which is a total waste , i wonder if its something to do with the file i saved from the internet , so in the end , a lousy print's more likely to be a present for my brother , and great ! with no frame ! ahhhhh i'm a last minuter D:
Finally i managed to finish a painting i wished to present my brother for his birthday !!
Spent 2-3 days on this on and off , overall around 10hrs plus , done with critiques which i asked helped from conceptart and cghub , its really a wonderful place to learn !

Here's the painting i'm presenting my brother ,
Its called "Moment Of The Waking Saint" , which the Saint that i depicts as the innocence of a little boy whom has no worries to arise with every morning , and living the live of heaven with no fear . But every little boy will grow up one day , into an adult , where you step out into the world you have to face fear and worries , with challenges and hardships you have to face ,You wake up feeling exhausted in the morning , with new problems to be solved , Day's weren't so smooth as before , you'll fall and eventually you have to rise , Someday when you rise up from bed in the morning , and tell yourself , you remember that you'd had the moment of a waking saint.

Conclusion : ( The real world is not an easy world to deal with , no matter how hard you fall , dont give in , keep on going and find your light ! someday you'll rise up from bed feeling like a kid with no worries again !)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tell me scary movie is lame , but i still love BRENDA !

will you just look at her FACEEEE !!!! GOD she's FUNNY !!!!!!!!

and this !! I'm on TV !!

She's my fav comedian , i react faster to stupid movements rather than stupid talk , so she's my fav !

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Since Carson shared some thoughts with me today so i must post this to be grateful , Carson you see , I'm grateful lmao . Shared with me lots of stuffs , suddenly i felt like a kid listening to moral class again , hahaha but thanks , gave myself lots of thoughts after that ,so to everybody out there be grateful ~ and oh yeah i must be grateful to Yong Kang too since he post the 10% and 90% Thingy , see grateful , and i must be grateful to lecturer who taught me , friends who made friend with me , TOA that accepted me , my parents who supported me , sent me to TOA , my high school that accepted me , my primary school that accepted me , my kindergarden which accepted me , my colour pencil my parents bought me , my bottle of milk my mom made me , my diapers my mom bought me , my parents who gave me life ,my grandparents who let my parents marry , my grandparents who let my parents go along , my grandparents who gave birth to my parents , my grandparents who bought diapers for my parents , my grandparents who made a bottle of milk for my parents , my grandparents who let my parents go to school , the school that accepted my parents , the school cantin server who served my parents , the school toilet cleaner who cleaned the school toilet for my parents , the printing book company who printed books for my parents school , the people who chopped down trees to be made into paper and books for my parents , the truck that was used to chop down the tree to be made into paper and books for my parents at school , the automobile factory which made the truck to chop down the tree to be made into paper and books for my parents at school , the people who build the automobile factory so they could build the truck to destroy the tree to create paper and books for my parents , the parents of the builders of the factory who gave birth to them so they could build up the factory to create destroyer truck destroying the trees for the sake of paper and books for my parents , and so what else ......

Anyway just be grateful to things you think you should be grateful too , and remember that you hold your destiny !! so dont show sour face anytime you like cuz you'll affect the fruits around you and turn them into rotten and stinky fruits , laugh more and show your teeth when u laugh , wahahaha ~~

Thanks Carson and Yong Kang ~~

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Practice with light and mood , 2-3 hours photoship cs3.
Here comes private Stark !! Ratatatatatat ------

Monday, April 20, 2009

Its been days since i posted , was busy with my animations and practices , plus didn't have a scanner at home so couldn't really scan and post anything when i need :<
Watched a lighting tutorial at the Animation lab last saturday , its really really useful and easy to understand , teaches basic lighting , colour , materials , all u need to get yourself going for a great believable picture . Copied the files home but still haven't finish watching it yet . Painted a piece at home after watching the 1st half at school.

Spent bout few hours on this one , on and off . Looks real rough , just wanna get the feeling i aimed for so didn't really put much effort into other aspects. Just some place i created myself , wanna do a practice of what i've learnt from.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Did some reference painting , got some stocks from deviant art , each took about an hour .

Referred from a beautiful photo by Saga-Carolin ->

Had the urge to practice more on reflective objects , so i found this shiny little thing ! Photo by GeckoKid ->

Spotted this Fancy Egg with a nice lighting , cool photo from iluvthekooks ->

Many Thanks to those great creators of these photos whom i got the stocks from !! :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Explored around with some character sketches during the early wake after bath , all these came up .

The last one turns out to be combination of all 3.
Was so inspired by Kekai Kotaki after i read from TzeLiang's Imagine FX's Issue 41 , brilliant book with so many things to see , so many to learn from !

Went home and did some sketches , this one came out !
Title for this paint is "The Market" , 2hrs plus in Ps3 .

Tried Overlay on the Grayscale and chose the colours i wanted then depending on the need i applied normal layer paint over onto it.

The character in the painting is a maid .She went to the market , got something , its shining ! so the story goes on etc etc.
I didn't want the whole painting to look dead so i made all characters interactive linked to each other , except for the farground characters ! Somehow i hope it isn't too dark with some computers viewing this one , it looks darker when i preview it in the laptop !

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today , i have so many to write , so many to post , for i have not post for the last two days , so this is a repay .

And so , 11th of April was the 22nd Worldwide Sketch Crawl , which is the very 1st "sketch crawl" i joined , located at KLCC Aquaria, Aquarium was not huge but its really not bad for sketch. Joined Hakim , and his Philippine friend , Ben Ben , met Sandora and some other cool people from MnU , saw Ezel and some TOA DG graduates too. If you wanna know more bout sketch crawl , visit here -

Was too tired from sketching , event lasted for hours , it was fun but sure its tiring , went home and got an early sleep , woke up late on Sunday morning still feeling tired . I also improvised the sketches i did a day earlier.
Here are the sketches i did ~

-The top one is a Long horn cow fish from MALAYSIA , its so small.
-Bottom one is the bamboo shark's egg .

-This one is a Phiranha , but of course it doesn't look like them at the bottom sketch , i just wanted to exaggerate the look and do something different from what i see.

-This one is placed in a huge and tall cylinder (bout 7 to 8X my height) , it looks so holy so i had to sketch this one.

This is a Chambered Nautilus , its not suppose to look like that , its way more cooler i didn't give it a fair one , while sketching this little creature the place was dark and blue i could hardly sketch . It kept turning the other way round while i was sketching it , like avoiding me. Definitely not a poser, i still don't know if thats its eye or not.

These Sea Horses kept me for quite some time , its one of my fav among the others !

This one is cat fish , so i did another sketch of a CAT FISH , i showed it to one of my friends Nelly and he said it looks like a pig instead , Lmao .

A sketch of the underwater Aquarium , wasn't that spacious actually , just wanted it to look like so i feel it too , anyway its still great :)

Top ->Turtle
Mid -> Focused more on the log rather than the spider , its hiding.
Bottom -> Big Fat Tarantula , Lmao , was joking , its a Mexican Red Knee Tarantula

The First one at the top is my most fav creature out of all i've seen , its an Albino Salamander , you have to google on this creature , its really special , here's a video i found of it in youtube ->

Second one is a common Butterfly Lizard.

Last one's nothing special but a twig.

This one's named Bizarre Turtle , it really looks bizarre , its like a dinosaur.

Unfortunately , i lost 2 pages of my sketches , both are Iguanas and the most captivating ones , the Iguana , its really a Sexy Poser , it loves to pose while we sketch and we loved him , but i lost the sketch i drew of it which is sad.

I couldn't wait to show some of the photos i've gotten on cam but i just haven't transfer them into the PC yet so i'll wait till tomorrow.

Here are some sketches i did today , Carson gave the TeaPot Robot title , so this little things came up tingling their way thru the air ~

Another one with Teh-O and Wye-Yee ~

Tomorrow's gonna be the graduation exhibition opening ceremony ,after 3 years plus of classes , i'm graduating in no time , official graduation ceremony will be on the July. there are plenty of stuffs i wanna do after that , i have lots of things in my mind but i have to pursue them one step at a time , and i wanna tell myself always , i could do it if i just don't give in , and same thing to the other people around , "Remember your spirit from the start" , its a quote from some great japanese artist , but i couldn't remember who :/

I just remembered the graduation ceremony i had in high school 3 years ago in 2005. Its playing very clear in my mind just like yesterday . Time really goes by fast , in another few more years time , i'll remember tomorrow just like how i remember yesterday. And i wanna have the bestest of my time before i loose it , and i hope you guys will !

In high school i tell everybody how happy would i be when i get to college , becuz its an art college , i don't have to study for good , all i'll do is draw the whole time . It actually proved me wrong when i got into the 1st year of college , its the worst nightmare of my life , i wasn't hardworking at all and i got pretty bored of the subjects and classes i had to attend. Worst , i did something idiotic which marked 2006 as the worst time and the most embarrasing moment i had in life. I started to hate College and i wanted to quit cuz i felt no hope at all for what i made myself with both my bare hands. Then I Failed in 2 of the subjects and watched all my friends proceed but i stayed.

I failed to quit the coll and was intended to stay or either Stop the Studying and go to work. So i stayed in coll and continued , all alone in new class with people i dont know . Those time are horrible as hell and i told myself i should've took up business instead of art , by then i knew i was fooling myself cuz no matter what , i still love art more than any other things , other than music. I proceeded with classes and i hate to be in a new class with people i do not know at all , everyday and everything was alone and i feel sad cuz i watch my other friends proceed but i stay , but who was i to blame ? that time its already too late.

on the other hand ..My whole family was disappointed in me.. Other than my sister , i dont think she know whats really going on that time, i could feel the whole family losing hope in me and i feel useless i should crumple myself like a paper and be thrown into the bin . Instantly on that night , quietly , i stared at the artwork on my floor , mostly figure drawing that i shown to my brother , mostly C++ , some D , which i told him its really good enough , and most people achieve the same grade i did , which is a lie , i've been a terrible liar. I look at them..the ugly drawings ..this isn't what i dreamt of during high school , what i dreamt of was truly near perfection and i was supposed to be a very passionate guy who never gets bored of drawing and be happy on what i was doing. I look at all the drawings , all the ugly drawings which i let them pass by my eye all these times , and then i asked myself , bout what i've been doing thru this one whole year , all i did was nothing but had my time blown away .

Then i knew this isn't what i wanted. I dont wanna go on like this for the rest of the 2 years , i wanna bring myself to the very first time of why i'd wanted to pursue this dream , the very first burning passion in me when i chose the college. Then it wasn't instant hardwork from that day onwards , it was a step by step , and until today , i'm still not a very hardworking person , i still delay at times , but i'm pretty sure the passion for art that i longed for , is inside of me now , which is stronger than what i had from the first one , and its still growing.

During these 2 years , i met many people , i met new friends , new people , and now i'm happy to be part of them and learning along with them cuz there are many inspiring people ! In another few more months or years , i'll be meeting new people and will be moving towards on and on and i wanna keep learning as i go.

I realized that for me , i used computer to do lots of stuffs to create something beautiful , Computer is a very important tool to me , and i believe , to everybody. Most of the programs i used in the computer , if i dont like it , i can click the "UNDO" button , and problem solved.

But in reality , i realized that the most important tool for me is still myself , my hands , my knowledge , My Brain , mind , heart , etc. What have been done cannot be Un-Done with just a click , i've wasted one year of my life doing silly things and produced nothing , and i cannot bring back that one year to me to start all over again. Now i'm happy with what i am doing and i hope i can bring it further more than before , i've been doing lotsa stuffs and being active in forums and entries and i get to know many great people out there !

Somehow , i hope i could find myself in a place i've always dreamt to be in , and work along with it happily till i'm satisfied , and i hope you guys out there are the same !!

"Always remember the passion you have in the beginning !"

Sorry if reading this makes you confuse , all these came out all of the sudden i wanted to remind myself of what i've used to be when i'd chose this path , didn't think i'd post this stuffs here in the beginning of the sketch crawl post , anyway i hope you wont get Bored and sleepy of what i typed , just something i wanted to share !

Anyway tomorrow i'll be posting some photos i've gotten from the Aquarium , some are really good , some are terrible ! but i will still share them ! :)

Cya !!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Speed paint with Nicholas , Tze Liang , Teh-O and Wye Yee ~
Title "Fire Extinguisher"

So story is ~ Out of 3 little piggy , 2 got caught in a fire and sister Piggy wants to save them but it turns out to be a Magic Fire Extinguisher which does nothing but shoots display .

Going for sketch session tommorow at Aquaria or something like that , heard the aquarium is not so good but will defenitely make something out of the sketch session tommorow !!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Finally we Finished our Short Film's Poster !!
"Timmy's New Exhausting Friend" !!
Whole lot of thanks to all who helped critique and contributed while workin on this Poster ecspecially Chris & Meng Guan , thanx alot !!!

The short film is estimated to be done in the end of May !! Right now we're still in the mid of production and we hope it would turn out good !!

And at lab , did this as some exploration thingy , Deformed Killer.

This one's bout 30 mins.

Speedpaint session with Carson , titled "Silhouette Human form something like that" but he left early while speed painting hehe ..This one i named her "Squid Warrior"

This one's 30 mins too.

Another speed paint session with Nic and Terrence ! Theme "Sexy Girl" so this one came up :D

This one's longer it took me an hour.

Did lots of practice today the time's so not wasted , managed to finish the Short Film's Poster , did 3 speed paints , finished one of my sketch from my lil sketch book (Posting it soon) and now i'm finishing up a scene from the Short film ^^

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm in coll now . PC lab ...rite' in front of the PC , Finishing up my group's Final Project's Short Film's Poster Design.Anyway , CG HUB drawing Jam challenge result is out and ..chang chang channgg !!! winner is some cool artist , check out his amazing gallery
cant wait for the next title ! Chang Chang Chang !! I'll get back working on my Poster now ~
Didn't manage to gave it a 100% polishing but oh well , its deadlinee so i just posted it up , there'e one jam every 3 weeks , or sometimes depending on the title given.
Here's the link ->

Newayz really put lotsa effort in this one to make it look right but still , anyway i like this one cuz its one of my best painting i did. And uh ..i think i made the teeth too clean and neatly placed #_# will polish this ASAP !

The title for this painting " The Waking Bird " , yeah ~ just say that i like simplicity cuz i cant think of any other name so accept the excuse XD Anyway really , so she just wakes up , rising from her bed , the creature , she's part of monster birdie , actually its no monsterr , just a cute birdie which tra ..tra..transformedddd !!! LOL , ohkay its a monster , so basicly thats it , she's the waking bird :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Watched Casshern(If i spelled correctly but try google it), Holy ..didn't really like it but was inspired by the design of the main character's helmet , so i came up with something from it but not as cool as the one from the movie .

Ps3 , bout 1half hour , helmet looks kinda funny ,incomplete and messy but yeah XD
Was trying to experiment on colours and brush in this one , but didn't really have the custom brush feeling , been practicing on custom brushes now , its so much fun to learn XD

Friday, April 3, 2009

Finally got the chance to scan my sketches over at coll !
I really need a scanner at home ..

Some anatomy studies , so little , should've drawn more anatomies.

Did a fast reference painting today from a Kid's Version of VOGUE magazine, lots of great pictures inside , beautiful colours too.
This one's from page 30.

(All Designs , COPYRIGHT belongs to VOGUE NIPPON )

Wanted to speed up while refering so overall took me approximately 2hrs or so. Changed the overall mood to make the colours look more interesting too.
There are many other pages of colourful suburbs kids with interesting colours , cant wait to refer from more of it !!

The below one's a colour thumbnail about something which i will do for the CGHUB forum contest thingy. Its a contest the thread has like every 3 weeks or so. This week's Jam 9 the "Mount em'up" contest.
Here's the link ->

DId this sketch on my little sketch book , love my little squarish sketch book tons , bring it everywhere i go with my pencil , something i must have wherever i go XD
ANd Camera too! My another eye !!