Monday, May 25, 2009

Currently still busy with my group's final , nothing much to update since i've been doing pretty much the same thing everyday , and some paint practices as well . Its coming to the end of May already , then another month plus for the official Grad . "_" Just woke up from a short nap , still in confusion of what to say ,  lots to share actually but i need to have my brain activated 1st , maybe later !

 Something for practice .

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Woke up late in the noon today to find out that my hard disk is dead . Great ..i do have backup for my assignments but for some other stuffs like the old artworks and some photographs all gone . So i went to college , went to the PC lab , plug it in , cant read then remove and plug in again and supprisingly it works !

So i start transferring my files and in the mid of it the external's dead again #_# So i tried again and again found out that the pc sometimes read and sometimes it doesn't . I didn't think it would be the USB prob cuz i've been using the cable for months , biggest possibilities i could think of is the virus and the fall on the floor last week.

So again at night , still in the lab , i tried again and it worked , i transfered my important stuffs and then i right click , format . It just does'nt lemme do it saying i don't have the permission to blablabla . so now i'm in the lab still finding ways to format it T_T my poor poor hard disk.
Maybe i need to drive all the way to the mall and shop to get it fixed and i lost the warranty card too ...

Anyway Joe the technician happened to came into the lab so i asked him help me to get the disk formatted so TA-DA its done.
Today's speedpaint "SHOTA" ??? God Almighty ..
Speed painting session with "Teh-O , Wye Ee , Aiori , Terrence , Danny"
Anyway its fun and i didn't run off topic but this shota seems a little bit bigger in size thats all Gahaha .

Go Get 'em Boy !!!
(Photoshop Cs3 , 2 Hours)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So finally Swine Flu/H1N1 landed on Thailand . Better be extra cautious of what you hold and no rubbing nose , eyes and touching your mouth and if you do , wash them . I think everyone should know this lol , juz that i dont feel good not typing it out , Gahaha.

Newayz Thanks Teh-O for the speed paint invite , eventually i polished it and it looks like i ran off topic again. I tried lolifying it but failed too but it was fun ! Thanks !

Newayz i should go to bed now , its 5:07 AM !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Okay somehow the user removed the journal so the link doesn't work anymore . lets just hope the artist's doing alright , the work's removed anyway , wouldn't try to keep the work on DA since it kinda violated DA rule but the stupid Self promoting statement is an absolute rubbish and untrue.
I'm sorry i cant help it but to share this with you guys , and i just dont understand how people cant see from different point of views and appreciate something as pure art rather than causing a rant , making artists miserable . 

SO here's the story ,
This guy , A user on DA , Cellar-fcp if you guys have an DA account and had watched him , you'll know the skills and talent he possesses . 
So recently , He posted up some of his few collective paintings with the visual theme of "Prostitutes" in his upcoming book Erotica. Then the newest painting came up , titled Child Prostitution , with paintings of children underage , half nude. So here's when the rant started when people started to disagree on how could he paint and post something like that which is clearly against the Law and DA's Rules & Regulations . 
You start hearing noises from some dimwitted-head keeping up to their plain stupid ego and even reported to have it removed from DA.
Here's one good example , just go to the link.

Worst , when you hear people telling that the artwork is not beautiful , its sick and all , and what's worser than you can imagine ? Its when you start hearing people say he's painting all these prostitution image including child prostitution , as a self promotion to earn profit. Thats Sick to hear.

It would be great if people could just appreciate art as it its , but sadly no... Sadly no ..
I'll end today's post dissatisfied , after witnessing so many great artist , now one of my fav artist having to face some bullshit , fighting against the narrow minded , lets wish him the best of all !!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

HOLLIE Mollie Ollie been some time since i posted .....mentioned that i recovered from sick and didn't have the motivation , strength , sense and patience to put myself still face to face with my PC , cant draw ! cant paint ! what the hell is wrong ..hope this is not gonna happen every time I've just recovered from some stupid sick or that would be hell cuz its been almost 2 weeks since that and only now i find myself slowly going back to the usual state , and with 2 weeks that's long , and i kept looking at motivating works , sites , books ,so afraid to loose everything i learnt , blablabla and so on ..there must be someway to stop this ill fated disease therefore ..lets move on to sacrificial now , Ok and lets put that aside now ..Gahaha thats rubbish ... newayz today's Mother's Day , so i presented and gave my mom a paint , not something big or shiny but i hope she likes it !

Treasure your Mama ! I dont know why people out there some of them been acting crazy saying they'll kick their Mom's Asses when he sees her cuz she made his life miserable as hell , don't know the story but that's entertaining Gahahahaha , way to wish your mom a happy mother's day .

Lets move on to the next part . I'm a lucky person today . I can't get the ImagineFX Mag at the store today , so ..I turned to other shelf and look what I've got ! I've gotten myself "Skeleton Crew" ! If I'd get the ImagineFX mag i'd just pay and walk out , i wouldn't have found the Skeleton Crew ! Anyway it seems to have lots of interesting stories in it , One of it The MIST , been adapted into a movie by Frank Darabont , but still gonna read that part , lets see how good the book can be , movie was already way to good ! As Usual , Stephen King's never a disappointment .

Friday, May 1, 2009

Just recovered from a bad sick i had which went on about 4 days , i didn't draw anything all along and when i started to paint in PS again a while ago , i realize i cant paint or draw like before , like i don't know art anymore ..................................... howdy ...... could it be the swine flu symptom ..? ..gahaha , anyway i hope its just temporary , everybody be careful , Swine Flu is getting nasty and bad we don't know how far it can reach , better be extra hygiene !