Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hi !! WoW ~
This is gonna be like the 31st Post since my blog re-opened again and its March 31st today !! 31st Post on 3/31 , 31st 31st 31st 31st !!

Newayz today Wye-Yee fetched me home again , thanx Wye-Yee i owe you big time !!
speed sketch today together with Carson and Jarold , titled MONSTER due 25 mins , wasn't good in drawing monsters so i had to mix like both human and monster together so it looks monstrous XD

Inspirations from Orange Segments and some 3D Zbrush Head i googled over the net ,
Haven't really think of a good name for her yet but some name came upon while i was sketchin this , something bout "Rising" , Rising Lylice , Rising Lilies , Rising Orange Monster etc etc.XD Somehow ,It was fun , hope to be able to do this again together with more people !

Newayz , people's talkin bout Dominance War now blablabla dono anythin bout it but will try to do some research and c if i can fit in into it , god pls let me try it !
Wokayz leavin for bed now , today's the earliest Yeah ~~ and CONGRATS to my 31st POST on 31st March as well !!! (Imaginary Fireworks)
END !!
FInally i have my D.A(Deviant Art) I.D Yeah !!

Joined DA in the end of Aug 2006 , posted some graphic stuff done in Adobe Illustrator back then , thats all i know ,and got bored of DA cuz my gallery looks so empty and no one watched my stuff , then caught up with DA at the mid of 2008 when i started to get into Digital Painting then things was fun and its so happening around D.A realized that there were more than Art that i thought.

The community was so supporting and u find chances all around everywhere , Thanks to DA , my artwork improved a lot more compared to last time , Thanks to everyone who commented on my works and the watches , Everyone was so supporting and all , I'm so happy there's a site like DA where artist gets to learn from the very basis.

Newayz, also refined my Arumandalla thingy , got some comments from CA and had to tighten it up a lil bit , not completely done but yeah a lil progress from the previous one .

Newayz i really gotta sleep , set myself to sleep at 12 everyday but in the end it dragged till 1:30 , daily routine , Figure i should set myself to sleep at 10:30 , best time !! , Nights !! XD

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cant upload lots as usual already this recent ,lots of stuffs for me to keep up , unelss i have something extraordinary happenin' everyday then yeah ~ anyway tommorow's earth hour , 8:30-9:30 if i'm living alone i'll shut the lights but i'm not and i'm stayin over at my cousin's tommorow so i cannot SHUT THEIR LIGHTS , cant join the fun this year :< anyway is there earth day comin ? heard like the last one was 1996 back then. So when's next ~ Anyway , people out there off ur lights if u can ~ this year i cant join the fun but you can ~!! So do it ~ save earth , save your future !!

Newayz , my new work Arumandalla .

Title was supposed to be " Arumandalla , The Mind Of Deep Wisdom " but Nelly helped to change it to " Arumandalla , Hive Mind Of The Abyss " sounds much cooler , thanks Nelly XD

Anyway i'm really tired and sleepy but mom just had a party with her friends awhile ago and there's many food left and i'm DARN hungry ..When i'm sleepy there are lotsa food that helps to keep me awake but thats not my motive "to stay awake" , i just wanna E.A.T.

C ya Boody (Buddy) <--Dont like Buddy i like Boody better ~~

Monday, March 23, 2009

As i mentioned , recently i'm into monster designs XD
This is gonna be my first personal creature that will be under my creature collections for many years to come XD

So my first creature "SLUG" , its still under development , and so far i had 3 designs of it , from improvising the creature . The toppest one is the oldest one where the bottom one is the newest one. In the end i'm going to choose only 1 slug..

I don't have a scanner so i had to use the computer's camera to capture the image to be posted up here. Yeah , bad quality ..but i tried my best to edit the layout XD

SLUG doesn't have a gender , it eats from its back and never passes ,it just keeps on growing from what it eats .
Still figuring its hideout and little details of it.

By the way ..my hair is falling again....its freaking me outt ~!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

How old/at what age for you is rebellious ?

I'm 21 this year , lookin at myself as an adult and i don't see myself as being a rebellious kid from past till now , but sometimes when people just barge into my way and says something stupid which hurts my feeling i'm really pissed off , and when i cant take it i dash my way up to the room.
Am i being too kiddy ?

Besides , they think they're right and they dont give a shit or care to hear one word from your opening mouth . I'm an artist , yes. I do art.But thats not all i do . I do care for my family and i really do something for them , i do other stuffs too and i'm not someone who sits down all day and draw , thou thats the longer time i spent compared to other things i do , but how can it be helped when i'm suppose to find a job concernin to what i'm doin now ?? And i still hear people telling me that i do nothing but draw as long as it looks good i'm fine with other shit ??

I dont mind people telling me how bad my drawin is , how bad my works are , how ugly how disturbing how shitty it is , how unorganized my time is , how i should improve my schedule , I agree with them and be any happier to hear more and i'm still improving myself , BUT i certainly DO NOT agree when they came upon me telling me "all you do is draw draw draw as long as it looks good then its fine for you , cuz you dont care bout any other things around you " .

That makes me look so selfish and i've been holding this fuck for so long bout 3 years since i entered coll ?? everytime i hear this it makes me feel so sad and , makes me feel so ..so selfish and all ..how can i make them understand that i'm doing my best in both part already ? and i certainly had , even better than last time.

Just trying to share bout something that you fellow artist out there might face one day or you already had..At least i feel better posting this shit up here .
Right now , i'm still in a confusion of style .. still sketching my way to find my style , i'm trying out all different things now , creature , fantasy , fairy tale , horror etc and i enjoy every each of them while creating the pieces . Recently i'm into creatures/monsters and i like crazy ideas combining thing i see in everyday life , flipping my clothes overturning them on my head and see how it looks and the other way round ,sprawling roots ,observing spiders and their butt , observing tentacles , fishes , slimy stuffs , that would bring me to start the tiniest microscopic of my design . I started off with two pages today , don't have a scanner and i cannot scan them but , Hopefully I'll be able to show a little progress of the designs within this month.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Watched Jurassic Park again yesterday . The first one released in 1993 an i still think its very good ,i liked it alot more compared to dino movies i saw around these days , i dont mean the newer ones are bad but Jurassic Park 1 gave me just the right amount of feel for what i'd look into a sci-fi thriller and the mechanism still looks good today . I love the story telling , acting , music , and of course the dinosaurs ! Now i feel like going on an expedition and be part of the archaeologist team and if only i have the chance ! I wanna help sorting out and brushing the dinosaur's bone too :< Goddd..this is deep interest it got me into and i really wanna wanna do it . I certainly wouldn't ,mind if its only for one day ,it will be one of the best day of my life.

I have the sudden urge wanting to be an Archaeologist now ..Its gonna be hard ,ecspecially marking myself , BAD AT SCIENE.High School sciene is boring it put me to sleep. Right Now ....i don't know anything about science . I still watch Discovery Channel sometimes, but a week later i don't really catch what i've captured from the screen. Only the torturing program ones , that i'll remember. Torturing Devices , and how the geniuses made them.

Anyway , did some research and found out the Spinosaurus is the largest carnivour species during the DINO-ERA no wonder it trashed Rex in Jurassic Park 3 ,Anyway in reality the both shouldn't meet up cuz they're like million years apart from each other , but this is MOVIESSS so ..yeah.. incase you cant figure out which one is Spinosaurus, this is the one .

Also , the sail growing from its back , its actually used to "Woo" the females XD Interesting fact , but i still don't know how it works ..maybe the female might for the longer ones , and the sail also works as a heat regulator by the way. Should have some other functions including the use for mating ? Don't know how that works.

Also found out that the first discovery of the Spinosaurus was in Egypt during year 1912 . Thats the year the Titanic sunk ! Holy ..
Just to share , not trying to link each other but yeah fun fact for me XD

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Show Reel 2009

My Show Reel ,
Hoped i could work out on more of the 3D stuffs when i have the time :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Finally , got myself Starburst again !
Been holding it long enough since i had a bad bad teeth few months ago , cant hold any longer !!
And the cadbury frog, didn't know its sold here in local stores too !! Last touch was 2 years ago from Australia and was Happy to see it here in Cold Storage !!! It means i can grab it anytime i want XD

I also bought 2 photo books from the store today , not to mention that its cheap, captivated by its enchanting cover it also looks truly good inside !
Its 2 issues of Asian Geographic.

If you like too look at nature more , i would suggest the Seasons Changing one. The photos are really beautiful and well edited , good for reference too! Most of the photos are taken in China.
Here are some of it , not exactly good quality photos from my cellphone , but just to share a little , hope you'll like it too :)

The other book is more onto Asian Culture and if you prefer both photos and explanations deep into details of its culture , then its the right book for you , it also has sections of encouragement from kids around Asia handicapped but still pursuing their goals. Not the best book of all but still a book i would recommend if you're really interested into Asian Culture.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

And so the winner of the darkstalkers are announced today and i didn't make it into the Darkstalkers tribute book :<
But oh well , something that i have to get over it too , but was happy i tried something and did it along with many other ppl around the world ~ Its just like a Marathon , i enjoy the whole running process , sweating and feel the wind blow on my face and the refreshment , even if i didn't win , I'm still glad i did it :)
I hope Udon's coming out with another Tribute book or something like that soon , maybe next year , yeah XD , so here it is ,my version of "Baby Bonnie Hood a.k.a Buretta"

Done in photoshop Cs3 , 4 days on and off.
A ticket that i did for a Russian Celebrity Night Event , With the Title MASSAD and the slogan "United We Stand" , so i designed it with the Matroshka Doll's Icon ,the russian culture :>
Thanks to my friend Soo How , who gave me a chance to help him design this XD Thanksss ~~

Friday, March 13, 2009

Just figure out i should post something again today ..Its been few days since i last posted . i might not be able to post everyday now since i'm busy with my assignments and losta stuffs (T__T) Anyway yesterday's moon was big and orange and my mom told me i'll be able to see it at every month at the 15th , something to do with chinese calenders XD

Finished some stuffs here at college and now i'm gonna wait for my friend to come and we'll go home together ( Just some extra typing so it sounds like an ending topic and makes my journal extra longer :> )

Bye !!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Over these few years I've heard quite a number of deaths , some great people,movie stars,most of them read from newspapers, and a number of them suicide.
I've always wondered and thought that,maybe if you choose to suicide,well you could pretty much end up your life and problems in the world here.And yes , frankly speaking , its pretty much an END to facing your problems , and NOT A SOLUTION of your problems.Lets not talk about religious stuff ,talking bout' the present .Suiciding ,You left your parents , relatives and friends in great despair and sorrowness , and thats what i think pure selfishness is.

Try imagining someone close to you , someone you treasure and love alot , and when that person passes away , how exactly do you feel? Be it , accident,disease,or which ever way , you would hope for a day you have been closer and spent much more time with him/her before he/she leaves. Try putting yourself into the situation where someone close to you leaves you. Do you want to feel that way ? You cant hear his/her voice , you wont be able to see his/her face and smiles , laughter and everything precious about him/her , its goodbye forever.

People who are sick,caught in an accident, unpreventable death.They do not have a choice to choose to live or to die ,most of them would of course choose to live.

People who are bed ridden , They still fight for their life towards the end , hoping for miracle , sadly , miracle wouldn't play along.They do not have a choice. You have a choice.

People who are caught in an accident,kidnapping,murdered,disasters,
they want to be saved , they want to return home and reunite with their families , they still want to go to school,to work , to have a normal life ,but still they too do not have a chance to choose , and yet,you have.

So why the selfishness ? When seeing someone who wants to continue living but on the other hand , ending your own life , and in the eyes of these poor bed ridden people ,they'll say " Its absolute dumbness and waste " for why , they have experienced the treasure of life.

Havn't the disaster all along taught a lesson ?
almost reaching a hundred year ago , 1912 , the remarkable sinking of the TITANIC grabbed along fifteen hundred of lives down with it .
Utter Helpless screams in the cold night and fate which marks the tragedy of that night still haunts the mind of people today.

Came the world war 2 , ending the lives of uncountable innocent souls who mourns in despair and a chance to live , the collapse of World Trade Centre , The war errupted among , The Tsunami effect and also the Recent Sze Chuan earthquake , and the cause of all these has all brought nightmares to people around them suffering the fate unpreventable.

Many of us had once been through the hour when you thought of commiting suicide , but we've been through it . When you turn back and think , its gonna be a laughter or a joke you share with your friends in the dining table or during a car drive.

Sometimes i still think about people who commit suicide , standing at the edge of the toppest floor,think that its so correct this could help solve their prob .They're fine with it and so they took a step forward , they fall, and seconds before they land on the ground ... I think thats the time when you know you don't wanna die.

but do you still have the choice to choose to live ? You had the chance to do so seconds ago , and now , you probably dont , probably , yes. If you're safe from it , I think you'll treasure your life more than ever.

Love yourself , it makes a difference to you and people around you.
Life is short , so don't make it any shorter.Enjoy life , love everything around you.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Painted Freddy Krueger (my fav villian :D)
for my speed paint today
overall wasn't happy with the outcome , doesn't really look like freddy anyway , but will try another freddy another time :)

SO here it is , 1 half hour time.

Freddy is so cool !
anyway i'm sleeping now , its 1:41am (SHIT 19 minutes earliar than usual , Yesterday was 30 mins earlier ) Ok nighttt !!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'm so happy !! I found my I-POD i thought i was never gonna see it again in my life (T___T) It was inside my bag in a small pocket all the time how i've missed it so much now it came back to me I'm so Happy my dear I-POD i will never let you go again ~ NEVER ~~~!!!!!I feel like i have the urge to do my work again now ~~i feel like i wanna jump up and down and sing and dance doing all sorts of crazy stuffs running , heading in all directions i just feel like its a miracle , thank god i found it , i'm so happy (T___T) I'll treasure it more than ever now :>
I feel so empty today . Like there's nothing inside me .
Woke up in the morning and was dizzy , because i sleep late everyday.i should stop doing this , its killing meee . In the afternoon i tried to paint something but nothing came out and my eyes felt tired looking at the pc for too long . Then at night i invited my friends to speed paint but they had something to do , so i painted on my own instead . and i cant PAINT anythinggggg . Sleeping late has become my bad habit . Everyday i sleep around 2-3.30 and when i wake up i feel like a jelly , no matter how many times the alarm rang i shut them off , i've tried putting my alarm clock into places where i will have to walk for to shut them off , tried the toilet , the cupboard , on top of the cupboard , drawer , but instead of waking me up i felt more tired and more eager to shut the alarm off so i could get back to sleep. And now i think the only solution is to sleep early everyday which is HARD for me . I feel like a day wasted if i slept early like 10 or 11 , but ppl keep telling me i'm not wasting them if i sleep around 10 and wake up around 6 , so i could use the 6-9 as a replacement for my usual 10-1 at night . I hope this works thou :<

So i'm gonna sleep now . 1:30 (30 mins earliar than the usual time) nights ! :D

Friday, March 6, 2009

I feel so tired today , ecspecially my left leg , the knee joint feels like breaking i wanna stretch my body the whole day long , been doing it the whole day thou hahaha XD and it feels great :D
ecspecially when you're darn tired.

Newayz ,I think the left leg thing must be due to the dumb go kart accident i had when i was 10 years old (-_-") Back then i wasn't suppose to play , i was below age but i insisted so i got to ride in the go kart then the next thing i crash into lumps of tyres piled up near the wall and was almost unconcious :o I was too panic to scream back then , but lucky i didn't scream cuz back then i scream like a little girl XD The joint was a little dislocated thou and it recovered when i was around the mid of 11. Usually when i sit too long with my leg bent then when i stand up it feels like breaking again and when i was in class in the afternoon i had to stretch my leg to the longest while sitting so it wouldn't bent . It felt more comfortable stretching it ~~

Anyway here's the speed paint for today
Titled : Here,Bunny Bunny~
Duration was 2hours+ yeah took a longer time (~_~)

This time i painted this with a photo ref of a girl i took last year on a photography assignment vacation.Well i kept the photo private thou , the girl was really cute and adorable i had to capture the moment she was feeding the bunny :)

Basicly i refered to the girl,bunny and the log. I had to recreate the environment to fit into the mood i wanted to convey , to feel the warmth and also the sweet yet touching moment .This is one of the sweetest painting that i ever did till now , other than the one i painted for my mother XD

Many thanks to the little girl who was there for me a year ago so i could have this great ref , thank you so much !

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Appreciate Your Life !

I was noticed through a forum that a great artist has recently left our world in a sudden way and i feel like it all happens in a shot when u blink ur eyes . Someone might could have hang out with you happily this afternoon giggling all the way and later on at night they just left and then you remembered the way he/she talked to u and smiled , both teasing each other and all that crappy talk , then you open your eyes and yes that's the last few hours ago he/she had with you .

My friend told me better appreciate the ppl around you . Everyday , people die , and people around them learns a lesson. Sometimes i feel unfair when u see someone that's good who dies early and unfairly , even kids , and bad people who still gets to enjoy luxury , but yeah, that's how it works on earth sigh . shit ...what am i talking about ..i think i start to sound annoying ~_~ i know i'm not god or buddha but yeah , just wanna say something and express what i feel.

Me and my friends each did a speed tribute paint done for the great artist"Hakubaikou" who left us . Title was based on a title of her painting "Leaving" , as we want to portray her leaving peacefully . This is the link to her DA page , its still active.
" http://hakubaikou.deviantart.com/ "

Lastly , R.I.P , May you rest in peace , Tons Of Love ..
Some guy in DA sent me a message asking me if i'm interested to be an artist for their flash game/movie based website .
Never encountered these situations over the net before ,this is my 1st time and i wasn't sure what to do , i was happy when he sent that message , cant believe someone actually would appreciate my work and to be asked to join their community.Yeah i know this is so stupid , happy over small little things , not an award or anything but to me its really important , cuz any little thing could be a chance and i don't wanna miss any of it if i can :<

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Its so late now , 1:05 am and i'm gonna type something before i go to bed XD
Newayz~ Today Wye Ee fetched me home again , Thank You Soooo Much Wye Ee XD ~~

Sigh..also my I-Pod is still missing out there cant find it anywhere around my house , but i'm sure i didn't drop it outside or something like that , worst of all , i dont even know when it started missing (~_~)It almost the 2nd week now since i started realize its missing ,my life seems a lil bit more lonely without it :< Cant bring my fav music anywhere anymore XD

ok thats it , going to bed now , sleepy eyes , nights!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another speed painting session but this time with Hana , Wye Ee , Carson and ME XD
Each of us gave a word , and it turns our to be "Gear,Horny,Shock,Mammal " , in the end it became something like " Horny Gear Shock Mammal " , so this is what came out in my mind , lol.

This one is supposed to be timed an hour , but i wasted the 1st half and painted something horrible so i painted this one then , overall 30 mins , this was heavily inspired by Hayao Miyazaki's Laputa Castle In The Sky , ROBOT character , the one with the long hands : > , Thank you Hayao Miyazaki , I'm ur FAN forever !!
Yeah ! Speed Painting Session with Yong Kang and Terrence , was fun all the way XD ,
Been a long time since i last touched speed Painting ! Really a good good practice , but must be faster next time XD

This is Terrence's Title : Loli Girl with Giant Sword (40 mins) unfortunately it took me 50 mins to finish it and she didn't look LOLI at all and the sword wasn't GIGANtic enough but oh well , still enjoyed painting her XD

And this one is Wye Yee's idea with the title : Yamcha / Drink Tea (1 Hour) when she joined us in the second session , unfortunately she had something important to do in the middle of the session so its only me and Yong Kang left , Terrence was away from the computer thou XD sorry Terrence we thought u were there XD
This piece is quite an interesting piece to do , inspired by my fav local artist nicknamed : Puyuh.
I really really enjoyed painting this one , and i wanted to portray something different of Drinking the Tea , so yeah , there goes the painting ,
Bad little , naughty kids gets the punishment XD
Like i say , i like freaky stuffs , yeah ~~

Well its been a fun session and i enjoyed it alot , thanks for all who joined !
Yong Kang , Terrence , Wye Yee and ME XD
See ya !!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Oh !Yay~ glad to have finished what i started , the darkstalkers 2nd submission , guess i submitted it right before it turns March 2 morning XD , dont care whether its choosen or not but i'm glad i finished what i started . Inspired by Angelina Jolie from the movie Changeling : " You start a fight , you finish it ", only that this isn't a fight , just something that i started , a piece of an artwork , lol.

The 2nd piece was rough and finishing wasn't good enough , you'll see mistakes over here and there , but i'll just leave it final since the competition is over , so here it is : >

Actually Lei Lei is one of my fav characters from the Darkstalkers , i Love you Lei Lei !!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hi , another post after reopening my blog again ,
Newayz ~ today we had a farewell lunch for our leaving tutor ,
Yes , another tragic day in history , We'll miss him forever (~_~)

After the lunch i turned into a soaking wet liquid absorbing stick running towards my long distanced car with heavy rain pouring down along with heavy groceries slowing me down .
Anyway i feel like a movie star while running under the rain with bg music playing , cuz its what the characters do in movie , something tragic happens then he/she must run out , cannot accept the fact and it starts raining and asks him/herself , WHY ! why must this happen to me !!? yeah i know its so lame..but i like lame stuff like scary movie hahaha =D

Newayz still waiting for Nelaton to help me finish downloading the Freddy Collection (Nightmare on Elm Street ) Thanks Nelaton :D yeah , Freddy Elm Street, its classic , but i like classic horror movie like I.T , childs Play and all , New ones like childs play 4 and 5 wasn't scary at all..its like comedy.. I Cant wait for the whole 7 collection to finish downloading , i'm so impatient . After all , Freddy is the best TV villian freak i knew in my life , actually i only knew bout him bout like 3-4 years back so wasn't really my life till now =D I like creepy , horror stuffs , slasher movie , thriller .
My family thinks i'm a little abnormal i always go for these type of genres.

And today i noticed a local artist nicknamed "Puyuh" who worked for gempak , I'm outdated Haha ~ but i like his comic/ideas and his illustration , it gets me inspired just looking at the 1st part of his comic , and he's one of my fav local artist ! If you really wanna know more about him ,here's a link of his work http://coolshowcase.com/picture/720
I hope he'll continue drawing forever and ever ! Go Puyuh Go !!

About the darkstalkers tribute thing going on around , Deadline is around the corner in a few hours time but i'm still about only 60-70% of my progression on my new submission . Already submitted the previous one thou . Good luck to all the ppl participating :>

So i'm ending it here for today , its 11:59m , 1more min to Monday morning ,
c ya , BYE !

Blog Re-Open

Hi ,
After closing down the blog for a year , i decided to re-open it again , after seeing few of my friends with blogs , so i dont feel disconnected with the outside world , So i'm gonna update journals , illustrations and also some of my music if possible ^^

Newayz this is just a startup post , cant post much now cuz its already 2:17am and i might fall asleep any second (@_@)

Will start updating tommorow ^^
Good Night !!!