Sunday, November 22, 2009

So ..its Saturday :)
Can't believe i took 3-4 naps in just a day within 8 hours , well .. i'm extraordinary tired i don't know why ..
Went to MPH last Thursday to go looking around for some books (Whatever book catches my eye) , Ended up in the Self-Help section . I always find myself ending up in the self-help corner .. I just love lingering around this corner .. and i can stay around for a few hrs just flipping through the books , there are way many good books to see , and i picked up Tony Buzan's "Creative Intelligence" book , only read the 1st chapter as for now , but its going good so far ..

Its amazing to know how inspirational ppl think , when you're able to look deep into their thoughts , watch how every roots and nerves connects to each other , see how it functions , when scratch comes to life , its just great learning from them . Its really opening up your mind and receiving from the masters , ready to make a change in your life , be it little , let it come gradually , watch your life turn into the one you desire .

Good Night :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Alright , so ..i just came back from an Orchestra at Philharmonic Klcc , and i had to say its stunningly beautiful ...and i got struck in my head hard when i hear the performer play "Cinema Paradiso" ...The reason why i started picking up violin classes ..

why on earth did i ever gave up on violin class ?? i shuldnt think i'm too old for it rite ..i stopped the class at age 20 , for what ? tired ? not a good excuse ... nthgs stronger than the passion in you rite ? although i still continue playing the violin , without attending classes , i tend to pile up with lotsa bad habits ...violin starts slipping of my shoulder , cant swap my fingers in an accurate position and just way too many more to explain .. and i dont believe it when ppl say " you'll be good only when you learn since a kid ".. thats rubbish .. nothings too late to learn ... i've to find ways back to re-attend classes ..i'm 21 , and i believe passion + believe + practice would lead me to where i wanna be .. no one's gonna tell me i'm wasting my time or boo me off ..

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Alright ... i made a vow to myself , All to doooo before January ...

1) Get a pc digital keyboard plug in so i could start composing :D
2) Get Done with Splash Project (before end of this month)
3) Get Done with "Untitled" ( Hehe ..a short film im working on with vid footages i filmed while in India )

Hah ...this is proof ..cant back up now :P

Friday, November 6, 2009

The purpose of being a community of animal rights activist is to help spread the awareness and protect the animal's right , yes , no ? What's the use to be a part of the community while all you post is only the good thing but not the bad thing which happens to animal ? I just can't understand why are ppl being so paranoid about it and if you really wanna help raise awareness then accept the fact that all this is happening in our world rather than be a part of the animal rights activist community and hide all the suffering the animals had gone through ..thats not gonna help ..