Sunday, June 27, 2010

So its been a few good months since we welcomed another member into our family , Mally ,and he has been doing well all along ,sweeter than any of us could ever imagined.

Went to the pet shop today , saw a cow boy hat for your little pet at home , and I'm a BIG BIG fan of Woody , cow boys or any other stuffs that makes me go YEEEEE---HAAAH !


I've got a Antonio Banderas at home

Have Mercy !!

Smexy !

So weekend was great , we had sculpting classes yesterday , held by Jarold , it was awesome of course. Went to borders after that , spent an hour and a half reading thru Pixar's Up artbook , It was fascinating !! And for today , bought some really awesome books again , and did a new digital speed paint ! Check it out at my art blog.

Can't wait to do more stuffs in the days to come ! There's just so much to do ! But for now , its really bed time ... Gd Night !! :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I hate to say this , but I have to admit I have a temper when it comes to driving. Although I must say that I've been working on it and I've been improving , but today was an unforgettable one.

I was driving on the highway(My friends are in my car)when a car ahead of me cut into my lane recklessly , to skip the slow driver ahead. Then it went on cutting into other lanes without indicating , and then in front of me again.

Yes I snapped looking at the way the driver drove. That instance , blood rose up my head and I sped a little more to catch up on the driver , I don't know what my intention was back then.I only had the urge to do it.

My friend advised not to do so , and I recurred back to my original calm state. Then I noticed the driver speeding ,driving close ahead with the car in front , sticking close to each other.

Again , and this time , I sped up behind and flashed my lights repeatedly , my intention this time. Was clear. I was telling the driver what a lunatic he/she is , in another way ...
I was provoking the driver. And i clearly understood that.

My friends repeatedly told me I'm gonna look foolish doing that.
I apologized for what I've done , for knowing deep inside , I'm endangering them as well.

I've been struggling to clear of my tempers when driving , its progressively working , and , lets hope I won't repeat this anymore , or any other stupid deeds :P

It reminds me of a book called Emotional Intelligence , by Daniel Goleman , that when you snapped , you get out of control , the term HIJACKED was used by Goleman ,explaining how the amygdala responses before your neocortex could prepare enough time for you to react logically , or rightfully.

Of course I wouldn't put the blame on the Hijack thingy ,I was only learning how things work , and how to avoid future circumstances of the same.

Anyway , that's all about it.
A mark of foolishness , a reminder to never repeat the same act , again.

Btw ...

I broke my own juggling rec by 1.24 mins ! WOW !!! :D

Monday, May 10, 2010

I just couldn't bear any longer for moments when I have something in my mind.I can see all the ideas and images hovering above my head , but my hands held tight together being unable to put the fitting pieces together in reality.

I didn't have a solid sketchbook with me everywhere I go.By means , previously sketching on big A4 sketchbooks , cover was soft and papers were sloppy and tearing, wasn't good enough to draw anywhere without a back support, they just flew off or perhaps burnt themselves out I wouldn't even know where they'd gone to.

So on Sat night ,I released my inner vibe ,my 'I-WANT-TO-DRAW-ANYWHERE-I-GO" vibe , went to Times Bookstore and got my very first Solid MINI SKETCHBOOK. "This is definitely gonna work if I keep on drawing everywhere I go , EVERYDAY , it has to be" I thought.

On Sunday night ,bulls eye on Mother's day , when my family and I were all dining at PressRoom , I got out the long awaited sketchbook and started to draw. Hey it works! Only merely 30minutes and I've filled up almost 2 pages of my Mini Sketchbook. If I were to continue to do this everyday , the book's gonna end REAL FAST. I'll be waiting for the moment to compare my 1st & last page and hopefully be able to tell myself "HOLY , Look How much I Improved in just - - - !!".

I wanna be able to say that.

Again this morning in the bus , filled up a whole page with sketches again.Bus was shaky , but its worth the fun!

I'm gonna do this every single day and what I'm really waiting to see is -

"Those sketchbooks piling up like it never had , and every last page of them will be better than their predecessors last page"

So Every-Figure-Land Project(wait till I get a better name for this project ,I'm poor at namings) officially started on Sunday Night(Mother's Day) and it'll keep going on till I'm ready to move on to the next step

Friday, May 7, 2010

A Little Touch Of Appreciation

This is my story about yesterday.
A little story I unfolded and dove a little deeper into.
Something that came up clearer to me , it explains itself to me ,
When i boarded the bus home with my colleagues.

We had a little talk about life , boredom , finding something new , interest and so on.We talked about moving on in life , making a little change and trying out something new.

Some people just can't change the way they live or they just wouldn't want to try.They find boredom in almost everything that nothing seems to interest them anymore.
Their pair of ears hear no cheer nor laughter , Not even the slightest wonder of spark could catch their eyes.

What is exactly causing these unfair moments to all who deserve better ?

For me , its one and always 'Appreciation'.

Now here's when the story really begins.

Our Psychological talk ends. I read my digital clock from my mobile phone , showing 9.16pm, the usual one hour journey to get me to the station from my office.I got off the bus , the sky was dark and its already drizzling so I offered my friend Matt to drop him home since I have a car parked at the shopping lots in front of the station.
Matt refused by telling me he has an umbrella to shelter him home. I offered again asking if he was sure about it , and he clarified there's going to be a bad traffic jam since it was raining.He dropped the offer , and i didn't make another attempt , since the traffic jam would get me a long way home and it was late.

By that , I appreciated his thoughts and consideration to get me out of trouble having to send him home foreseeing the hassle ahead , even when I offered.

I walked to my car , it was all alone staying still at one dark corner of the road , with one street light above it.
I appreciated that my car is safe and sound waiting for me to come back after work to drive it home. I loved my car. the seats , head lights , audio system , seat belts for keeping me safe.

So I reached home safe and sound , saw my dad working out the garden.He was sweaty or perhaps its the rain, and he was snipping off dead leaves , removing unwanted branches and moving on from one tree to another.My dad's a busy businessman whom seldom come home for dinner.I asked him to dine together since he haven't had his dinner yet.
I appreciated that my dad's a nature lover , for what he did was to care and love for the garden we would all share as a home.For staying home today ,he's going to be spending some time with us.

I took of my shoes , walked into my house and I hear my 11 year old sister call my name, acknowledging my return from work.I responded ,then I walked my way to her ,she was doing her homework.I knelt down beside her , hugged her and kissed her on her cheek.
I appreciated this moment ,to have a little sister who would call out my name knowing I'm back from work.It was one of the sweetest moment of my life.

I went to the yard to have a look at my adorable dogs. One was a puppy , a recently brought in puppy from the street.Faith was her name, then Yumi the Shih-Tzu , and Bob the other Shih Tzu.I played a while with them and I ordered ,"Faith , your hand", and she let out her right paw. I continued ,"the other hand" , and she lifted her left paw.I'm really proud of her.I went to Yumi and continued with "Hand" , she looked at me panting , then jumped up and down. "Hand , girl, hand" I went on.She didn't respond to what I said , instead , she kept pouncing on me wanting to play more physically .I never yelled at her.I hugged her and complemented "Good Girl" and continued playing with them.
I appreciated the fact that they were all waiting for me to come home to play with them , and the fact that Faith responded to my line , made me happy.The fact that Yumi didn't respond to my line, I was happy about it too.It was already good enough she was there for me , and she didn't have to understand my line from the beginning.I'm very proud of them all.

Then i was told that the food's ready to be served , but I'll be taking a shower first before dining.
I appreciated the food that was prepared for me to feed my starving tummy.

I looked at the clock hanging on the wall , rounding it up, it reads " 10.10pm".

Walked up to my room , ready for shower.

I appreciated the warm bath after an all day work , the rare chance of dining with my dad , the window I opened to reach the scent of the rain outside and the sound that calmed the night ,the joy of digital painting for it is what I loved to do, the bubbles and foam that formed when I brushed my teeth and was happy to have kept them clean , the cup of hot oatmeal I drank before i go to bed.

Then a knock on my door from my mother who came back late that night , just to see me before her day ends.And nothing will ever resemble the warmth itself.

And I went to bed finally , leaving my music on , so it could play my favorite songs in my sleep.
Listening to Bethena , a calming piano piece drifting afloat very soothingly with the drizzling night sky outside , I closed my eyes , and I'm thankful for everything I have..everything I see..everything I hear..everything I feel ,I appreciate them all , and these are all the places where I find every little bit of happiness in them.


From the moment I got off the bus to reaching home , meeting my family and getting ready for shower , its a merely "54 minutes" of 6 happiness I found in life through appreciation.

You live your life leading 24 hours a day , 7 hours of sleep , 17 hours awake. Look carefully into every little bit of thing that happens around you.Learn to appreciate as much as you can , and you'll find more than 6 happiness in your everyday life.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Finished reading "The Graveyard Book" , and i never expected it to be so heart-warming .A very good ending i must say , touching. One of my favorite book on the shelf so far. If any of you are into sci-fi fantasy with a touch of magic,family and love relationship you're bound to like this one ! Go grab it!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

I've been reading Neil Gaiman's 'The Graveyard Book' , story's brilliant and say what ? Its gonna be made into a film !! By 'Neil Jordan' , someone i don't know , wiki stated he's made some really good movies of those which i haven't seen too. Anyway I'm hoping its going to be good of course , having seen Neil Gaiman's works adapted into films such as Stardust & Coraline. Yeap yeap , it was tad good and I very much enjoyed them , and I'm expecting alot from 'The Graveyard Book'(film adaption).

Movies i watched over the last few weeks
-The Lovely Bones (Something i wouldn't want to miss)
-The Crazies (Pretty good actually)
-The Vampire's Assistant
-New York , I Love You
-Julie & Julia (Inspiring!)
-Time Traveler's Wife
-KICK ASS (Watched this on SAT night , the best movie of the year I've seen SO FAR)

Also bought a new sketch book , actually a simple and ideal one , can't wait to get my hands on it!
Went home and did a fast digital paint of 'Medusa' , I wont ask why am I all over that creature/HER , its just marvelous , ever since i watched percy Jackson ? It just appeals to me , such brilliant design , or maybe it was the mythology behind that's playing this magic.

I have alot to commit this year. My time , of which i can see it flying. I promised myself to get at least any of my one new painting to get into ImagineFX monthly issue (within this year).
I'm a BIG BIG fan of the magazine , and it affects me , teaches me hell lot , and i should definitely go for it.

One thing about watching inspiring movie/boring movie(some people say) , like 'The Lovely bones' or 'Julie & Julia' , movies like these just happen to tingle me to work my way to what i want to achieve , and I'm thankful to all of them that came up , even music too.

So , i thought it would be really great if i could work all my way anywhere anytime , of something which i really love to do ! I'm thinking of an iPad in the near future , half a year down the road or one year perhaps , for the new iPad VER2.

Some people say , you really shouldn't work yourself like a bull all day long and no play. In fact , when i do digital paint/sketch , i don't see it as work from my point of mentality , its crazy Fun for me ,its just because i love doing it !

I've heard " Do your favorite job and everyday is your Sunday ", i couldn't agree more with that ! Of course with all these comes consequences and challenges , but what in life doesn't pay for that ? Just gotta keep walking on the right track and learn from the surroundings.

And finally, cheers to all my friends whom all graduated last 2 weeks , keep on rocking and never let anything get you down !! :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Today , I'm gonna present a traffic police i saw this morning with 3 noble awards.

Award #1 - The Best Traffic Control - Thank you for causing a worst traffic than when it all started , all cars moved an inch every 5 minutes.

Award #2 - The Best Road Director - Forcing & Directing cars to go the wrong direction just to save your own ass , very stern , very good !

Award #3 - The Most Lovable Traffic Police - We see you love your job and we love you that much too !!

Thank You ~~~!