Monday, August 31, 2009

Finally , after months since our last meeting ,
We've finally started our own forum.

"Splash Project" Forum XD

Just had our 2nd meeting since we started off this group ,
hope we'll be able to present Splash this year at CF ,
To all Splash Project Members ~~

GO GO Go !!! XD

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Today was a very fun , exciting , yet magical day ~
One day which i wouldn't forget .

I saw a falling star , it was a first one i've seen in my life .
It was evening when everyone pointed at the sky and said "Look! A Shooting Star"
A bright white streak of light falling down from the sky , slowly ..
That streak of light was beautiful .. magical .. nostalgic ..
It wasn't as fast as the ones i've seen in the movies , it did not dissapear in a glimpse , it took a while to reach the ground i guess .It was moving rather slowly.

I made a wish from that falling star .

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The walls are way toooo thinn ..ppl can hear me sing .. now i don't have privacy to singing already ..huhuhu T^T

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nuuu ~~~~

"THE FINAL DESTINATION" is releasing in M'sia on 3rd September and by the time i go back i can't watch it anymoreee ( T_T) The show which i've been awaiting for a loong time and this time its in 3D summore Huhuhuhu ..

Hopefully many people's gonna watch it , then it'll stay in the cinema for a longer period ..pls wait for me to come backk ><

Monday, August 24, 2009

There are times i feel uncertain , there are times i feel soo certain ..
but what is the truth behind it ?

I'm afraid i would stumble if its not what i think it is .. its a better choice to forget , cuz that makes it easier for me , for not thinking about it becuz i dont remember having it .. but what's harder is that i don't want to forget what i remember and what i have gone through together .
what i feel now , or what i think i have now..cuz all these are very important and precious to me ..

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sigh ... I miss my piano ...... TT^TT ............
I'm having Cheese Omelete here every morning , hoping this would help me to get fatter , and rather using the lift , i used the stairs , just like how teh-O did XD , Sleeping early , waking up early ,
healthy diet timing , hope all these helps me to gain weight within these 2 months ( ^_^)o

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sigh ..went over to Teh-O's apartment today to have dinner with them , then around 9 plus was a little hungry so i boiled some milk but eventually the milk over boiled and the milk spilled all over the place ..then i was stunned ..they had to clean up the place and all i do was watch em clean T^T wth ...
sorry .......................... then later on Michelle took the water boiler to boil some water but cuz some milk went under the fuis and not dried , it popped ..then the kitchen went black out . Then they had to worry bout wat to remove from the fridge and all this and that , the laundry stuffs and etc ..

Sry ...didn't know it would turn out like that ..
Sigh .... Shud hav just stay at home dammit ..

Friday, August 14, 2009

Lets see ..what can i say for today ..
apparently i fell sick on Wednesday , caught a sore throat , then at night it worsened , and it almost killed me during midnight .. but when i woke up on Thursday morning its fineee XD ok , not that fine , at least not that pain anymore , much much better ..but on Thursday i caught myself Flu , and today , Friday , i got a little cough i decided to eat plain stuff , non-spicy .

So yesterday night was with my friend having dinner , then i ordered chicken soup noodle , asking him if its spicy or not , and i told him i want "non-spicy" so he said ok . then i wanted to reassure again , i asked again "non-spicy" right ? then he said "yea non-spicy". So i waited for my food to come , then when it came , i took my first sip ..and ...and .... anD ...So much of black pepper or ajinamoto or maybe their spice or something like thattt .. i wonder again what's non spicy here T^T ..

So today for my lunch , i grabbed something safer at the canteen , plain white rice , some vegetables , and a healthy bunch of green vegetables :D So i sat down and ate the green vegetables and then CRUNCH ... theres this BIG CHILLI inside it. And i digged and flipped over the bits of vegetables . And i see all the evil little Chillis hiding there .


At this rate , its gonna take forever for me to recover ...

Either Fast food , or Indian Food ..which one now ??

so today , later on , i'll be extra careful make sure ...all my food is non-spicy ..for this period of recovering , this is all i'm asking for ( >.<)o

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Finally landed here in India , its my 3rd day here today , didn't have the time and connectivity to update about this ,but now i have the chance , so ... yeah XD

so what can i say about India for now , hmm lets see ~
Its a whooole new place ~ for me , everything is new , the people i met , the culture , the environment , all the big stacked up stones , the driving , the honking , the food , the manner and many many more .

Until now the stay is good enough, comfortable , and there are many people i miss back there ~
My family , friends , and even juniors whom i never once talk to them during the overnight at lab , if i see them here i would probably run towards them hugging them .

but no , i'm not homesick , just miss them all XD

Its a chance i do not want to miss out here , every hour , every minute every second is a learning process and i wanna enjoy them while learning out here and growing together with a whole group of people ..

Miss u all back there !!!!!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

There're many things happening lately , ecspecially this week , and it has to be done within this week XD , Lotsa lotsa stuffs before i leave .

And i just finished the Freelance thing and passed it to the client , so YAYYY for now !! XD
Its a relief when he finished transfering the files to his laptop , but the morning was a disaster when i woke up at 9:30 and start locating the files and burn them into DVD unfortunately the burning process didn't work out , i guess it didn't like that particular DVD and in the end i transfered the files to my PSP instead and brought it there (  -_-)" and allll becuz i lost my Thumbdrive ... T^T

why does my stuffs always run away form me i wonder .. i have to tie them up next time hoho ...

Ahh ..and another thing ..i felt like i neglected my family this week , i didn't really spend much time with them , and they're quite dissapointed ..Gosh what was i thinking ><>

And Wye Ee , Happy 21st Birthday !!! Shi ke Shu ! Hope u had fun !!

There are many things i wanna talk about and all but i can't finish typing it now , I'll think of how to write it down here , again , later !!!

C U  !! (  ^o^)o

Friday, August 7, 2009

I went back to SriKL- today ~ 
and this time dragged Danny along lol, Thank you for the accompany ( ^o^) 0

Went back mainly for the nasi lemak i've been eating for many maNY yearss , until today , its still the best one i've had ><

Reached as early as 7am and to my surprise there weren't many students as it used to be like before when i was studying there. The canteen used to be crowded as early as that last time .

After the breakfast , walked around the primary school area and peeked into the music room , and the scent was exactly the same like how it used to be like when i was a kid  , ah ..i liked that scent , wanted to join the kids in the music class too ><

Overall was fun , and i'm glad some teachers remembered me  ( T^T)o
Last time i use to dislike them ..but now i miss them ( X_X) whats this ....

Anyway , today i met Louie XD , and its been nice on its 1st day ..
its kinda upset i left it in the car when i was out and when i came back it doesn't look happy ..its been very very upset  lol 

" Grrrarrrrr "

Monday, August 3, 2009

A dream which came true but not true .