Sunday, June 27, 2010

So its been a few good months since we welcomed another member into our family , Mally ,and he has been doing well all along ,sweeter than any of us could ever imagined.

Went to the pet shop today , saw a cow boy hat for your little pet at home , and I'm a BIG BIG fan of Woody , cow boys or any other stuffs that makes me go YEEEEE---HAAAH !


I've got a Antonio Banderas at home

Have Mercy !!

Smexy !

So weekend was great , we had sculpting classes yesterday , held by Jarold , it was awesome of course. Went to borders after that , spent an hour and a half reading thru Pixar's Up artbook , It was fascinating !! And for today , bought some really awesome books again , and did a new digital speed paint ! Check it out at my art blog.

Can't wait to do more stuffs in the days to come ! There's just so much to do ! But for now , its really bed time ... Gd Night !! :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I hate to say this , but I have to admit I have a temper when it comes to driving. Although I must say that I've been working on it and I've been improving , but today was an unforgettable one.

I was driving on the highway(My friends are in my car)when a car ahead of me cut into my lane recklessly , to skip the slow driver ahead. Then it went on cutting into other lanes without indicating , and then in front of me again.

Yes I snapped looking at the way the driver drove. That instance , blood rose up my head and I sped a little more to catch up on the driver , I don't know what my intention was back then.I only had the urge to do it.

My friend advised not to do so , and I recurred back to my original calm state. Then I noticed the driver speeding ,driving close ahead with the car in front , sticking close to each other.

Again , and this time , I sped up behind and flashed my lights repeatedly , my intention this time. Was clear. I was telling the driver what a lunatic he/she is , in another way ...
I was provoking the driver. And i clearly understood that.

My friends repeatedly told me I'm gonna look foolish doing that.
I apologized for what I've done , for knowing deep inside , I'm endangering them as well.

I've been struggling to clear of my tempers when driving , its progressively working , and , lets hope I won't repeat this anymore , or any other stupid deeds :P

It reminds me of a book called Emotional Intelligence , by Daniel Goleman , that when you snapped , you get out of control , the term HIJACKED was used by Goleman ,explaining how the amygdala responses before your neocortex could prepare enough time for you to react logically , or rightfully.

Of course I wouldn't put the blame on the Hijack thingy ,I was only learning how things work , and how to avoid future circumstances of the same.

Anyway , that's all about it.
A mark of foolishness , a reminder to never repeat the same act , again.

Btw ...

I broke my own juggling rec by 1.24 mins ! WOW !!! :D