Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Its so late now , 1:05 am and i'm gonna type something before i go to bed XD
Newayz~ Today Wye Ee fetched me home again , Thank You Soooo Much Wye Ee XD ~~

Sigh..also my I-Pod is still missing out there cant find it anywhere around my house , but i'm sure i didn't drop it outside or something like that , worst of all , i dont even know when it started missing (~_~)It almost the 2nd week now since i started realize its missing ,my life seems a lil bit more lonely without it :< Cant bring my fav music anywhere anymore XD

ok thats it , going to bed now , sleepy eyes , nights!!


Carmel said...

wah! u updated ur blog everyday!

YH said...

Yeah ! and i hope this goes on foreverXD

Hikari said...

XD then i can have new things to read everyday... haha

Carmel said...

u said u r going to bed, but still reply the comment here~ =_=