Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Over these few years I've heard quite a number of deaths , some great people,movie stars,most of them read from newspapers, and a number of them suicide.
I've always wondered and thought that,maybe if you choose to suicide,well you could pretty much end up your life and problems in the world here.And yes , frankly speaking , its pretty much an END to facing your problems , and NOT A SOLUTION of your problems.Lets not talk about religious stuff ,talking bout' the present .Suiciding ,You left your parents , relatives and friends in great despair and sorrowness , and thats what i think pure selfishness is.

Try imagining someone close to you , someone you treasure and love alot , and when that person passes away , how exactly do you feel? Be it , accident,disease,or which ever way , you would hope for a day you have been closer and spent much more time with him/her before he/she leaves. Try putting yourself into the situation where someone close to you leaves you. Do you want to feel that way ? You cant hear his/her voice , you wont be able to see his/her face and smiles , laughter and everything precious about him/her , its goodbye forever.

People who are sick,caught in an accident, unpreventable death.They do not have a choice to choose to live or to die ,most of them would of course choose to live.

People who are bed ridden , They still fight for their life towards the end , hoping for miracle , sadly , miracle wouldn't play along.They do not have a choice. You have a choice.

People who are caught in an accident,kidnapping,murdered,disasters,
they want to be saved , they want to return home and reunite with their families , they still want to go to school,to work , to have a normal life ,but still they too do not have a chance to choose , and yet,you have.

So why the selfishness ? When seeing someone who wants to continue living but on the other hand , ending your own life , and in the eyes of these poor bed ridden people ,they'll say " Its absolute dumbness and waste " for why , they have experienced the treasure of life.

Havn't the disaster all along taught a lesson ?
almost reaching a hundred year ago , 1912 , the remarkable sinking of the TITANIC grabbed along fifteen hundred of lives down with it .
Utter Helpless screams in the cold night and fate which marks the tragedy of that night still haunts the mind of people today.

Came the world war 2 , ending the lives of uncountable innocent souls who mourns in despair and a chance to live , the collapse of World Trade Centre , The war errupted among , The Tsunami effect and also the Recent Sze Chuan earthquake , and the cause of all these has all brought nightmares to people around them suffering the fate unpreventable.

Many of us had once been through the hour when you thought of commiting suicide , but we've been through it . When you turn back and think , its gonna be a laughter or a joke you share with your friends in the dining table or during a car drive.

Sometimes i still think about people who commit suicide , standing at the edge of the toppest floor,think that its so correct this could help solve their prob .They're fine with it and so they took a step forward , they fall, and seconds before they land on the ground ... I think thats the time when you know you don't wanna die.

but do you still have the choice to choose to live ? You had the chance to do so seconds ago , and now , you probably dont , probably , yes. If you're safe from it , I think you'll treasure your life more than ever.

Love yourself , it makes a difference to you and people around you.
Life is short , so don't make it any shorter.Enjoy life , love everything around you.


patrick_cow said...

*pokes* u alrite why so sudden with suicide and death O.O chill chill :P
when reading ur article on this particular topic it reminds me of "1 litre of tears" muz watch people for those who didnt watch... :( sob sob...synopsis: abt a 15 year old gal having a disease known as cerebellar ataxia and how she cope with her life O.O ....omg im goin to watch it again *prepare a box of tissue*....hehe..niway like wat mr.lee said we muz enjoy each and every moment of our lifeeeeeeeeeeee ( "3") peace ^^

carsonyim said...

yea, I agree with you ; be it people who annoyed you, made u cry, hurt you. They are same ranking with the people who loved you, made you laugh, and made u happy. Cos without either of them, your life seems a little duller.

Ending is the easiest way out, living is the real reward !!!! YOSHI!