Friday, April 3, 2009

Did a fast reference painting today from a Kid's Version of VOGUE magazine, lots of great pictures inside , beautiful colours too.
This one's from page 30.

(All Designs , COPYRIGHT belongs to VOGUE NIPPON )

Wanted to speed up while refering so overall took me approximately 2hrs or so. Changed the overall mood to make the colours look more interesting too.
There are many other pages of colourful suburbs kids with interesting colours , cant wait to refer from more of it !!

The below one's a colour thumbnail about something which i will do for the CGHUB forum contest thingy. Its a contest the thread has like every 3 weeks or so. This week's Jam 9 the "Mount em'up" contest.
Here's the link ->

DId this sketch on my little sketch book , love my little squarish sketch book tons , bring it everywhere i go with my pencil , something i must have wherever i go XD
ANd Camera too! My another eye !!

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