Thursday, April 9, 2009

Finally we Finished our Short Film's Poster !!
"Timmy's New Exhausting Friend" !!
Whole lot of thanks to all who helped critique and contributed while workin on this Poster ecspecially Chris & Meng Guan , thanx alot !!!

The short film is estimated to be done in the end of May !! Right now we're still in the mid of production and we hope it would turn out good !!

And at lab , did this as some exploration thingy , Deformed Killer.

This one's bout 30 mins.

Speedpaint session with Carson , titled "Silhouette Human form something like that" but he left early while speed painting hehe ..This one i named her "Squid Warrior"

This one's 30 mins too.

Another speed paint session with Nic and Terrence ! Theme "Sexy Girl" so this one came up :D

This one's longer it took me an hour.

Did lots of practice today the time's so not wasted , managed to finish the Short Film's Poster , did 3 speed paints , finished one of my sketch from my lil sketch book (Posting it soon) and now i'm finishing up a scene from the Short film ^^


patrick_cow said...

im luvin de poster :P kawaii desneee :P

YH said...

Thank you Thank you !! :D