Thursday, May 14, 2009

Woke up late in the noon today to find out that my hard disk is dead . Great ..i do have backup for my assignments but for some other stuffs like the old artworks and some photographs all gone . So i went to college , went to the PC lab , plug it in , cant read then remove and plug in again and supprisingly it works !

So i start transferring my files and in the mid of it the external's dead again #_# So i tried again and again found out that the pc sometimes read and sometimes it doesn't . I didn't think it would be the USB prob cuz i've been using the cable for months , biggest possibilities i could think of is the virus and the fall on the floor last week.

So again at night , still in the lab , i tried again and it worked , i transfered my important stuffs and then i right click , format . It just does'nt lemme do it saying i don't have the permission to blablabla . so now i'm in the lab still finding ways to format it T_T my poor poor hard disk.
Maybe i need to drive all the way to the mall and shop to get it fixed and i lost the warranty card too ...

Anyway Joe the technician happened to came into the lab so i asked him help me to get the disk formatted so TA-DA its done.

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