Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And I've just woke up from my drag sleep and its very tiring but also very cooling and easy since i've no rush to go to college today .. Its afternoon now when i woke up and i still find the outside like the early morning i used to open my eyes on cuz i woke up on listening to Kotaro Oshio's music ,hmm.. Been learning a couple of songs of his these few days and i've totally forgotten in the past how i'd left out such amazing music , Yeah and lately there are so many things going on in the lab , i've met new people and made new friends , then i'd stay over at the lab till midnight to finish up my stuffs while slapping my face all over facebook then i would start annoying people eventually how did i turn out to be like that .. i couldn't believe myself when i wake up from sleep and thinking bout the night before i'm a totally different person from day bright to night lifeand it doesn't make any sense  anyway blablabla i still had all the fun i want ~~

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