Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just got home from coll late , seems like everyone's asleep . Went to look at my dogs and sigh , one of my shih tzu might go blind . She got herself a lil scratch in her eye last weekend and i didn't noticed it until tuesday and we had the vet to come over to take a look at her on Wednesday , he did supply some med to apply on the eye but until today it just doesn't get any better and i'm worried if she might really go blind on her left .

After i entered college , i spent lesser time with both my dogs and lesser walk at the park together , lesser patting , lesser playing around , lesser messing up the house and its been 3 years plus including this year since it all started . 

Everytime i come home i'm either tired , exhausted or rushing to do my work , i know i got myself some reason not to spend more time with my dogs but damn do i really love and care for them at all sometimes i wonder. Even when i we go for a walk its like 3 weeks a time and sometimes not even once in a month . When i wake up early in the morning again i'm rushing to do my stuffs and all  and then prepare to leave to coll but is that a reason ? Or am i just lazy ..

I do love them and now they're getting older and older and i'm getting busier and busier and i actually felt like i've been abandoning them all these years . Everytime i pass by them or leave the house i would wave them bye , love you , etc. etc. but i wouldn't spend extra time stopping by pat them hug them or etc and thats what i do everytime i leave the house and they would just stare at me like they knew what was happening , like i have no extra time for them . Even everytime i approach them they would stand and wave their tails excitingly thinking i would take them for  walk but sadly it didn't happen and i just walk back into the house after patting and chatting them for some time.

I've treated them unfairly and they should be pampered from the start . Sigh ...what would i do if she went blind ... I should spend more time with them and bringing them to the park every weekend on the exact time from now and i hope i'm really gonna do that . I don't wanna loose them so much i'd many experiences of loosing many of my pets from many years of experience , one last year , which was the longest dog i've had even before i went to school , thinking of it i cant bear to loose them both now . but What i've been most afraid of is them thinking that i don't love them anymore , sigh . If only they understand what i say , yeah if only they understand Human Language then i can tell them how much i love them . If not i can learn the Dog Language . where to ... ? 

Anyway Love you two no matter what .. and YUMI  dont go blindddddd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T______________________________________________________________T

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carsonyim said...

Dude, take time out and spend with your dogs... Whatever work you're working on you will be doing for the rest of your life. But your dogs won't wait forever for you to finish your endless work, family 1st man ; work can come 2nd. Cheers