Sunday, June 14, 2009

Today's a very enchanting day , here it goes , 

My brother went to the watch shop today so i followed him  and then as i entered the shop my eyes looked around and an instant spark flashed over my eyes and i caught a glimpse of a bright golden object right behind the glass . I walked towards the glass table , its a golden pocket watch contained in the glass table and that first glimpse of it stole my thought away for a minute . I could hardly describe how special the feelings it gave me that instant and then the whole of it melted into me and then i was staring blankly at it . The beauty of it is indescribable and it seems so precious and (Ugggghh) . 

So i asked the lady if i could take a look at it , so she unlocked the glass table and took up the pocket watch and slowly placed it onto the table , be careful not to scratch it , and then i lifted the pocket watch with my hands and i flipped open the cover , it's really beautiful and it seems like a treasure to me , i looked at every single detail of it carefully , every little detail seems so special and captivating , yes its a charm , as if i've fallen in love with it.

"Just a pocket watch onli ma , look so old , like for uncle onli " my brother suddenly said . Nooooooooooooooooo He just crushed my  fantasy T___T Hmm hmm ...

Wachaaaaa !!! If only i can jump up and freeze on air with my karate leg facing my brother's face with the camera turning around the 2 of us 360% with the shop lady shock expression freezed as well and HIYEAKKKKK !!!! Kadooommm kick him out of the watch shop T_T and the pocket watch is mine ..Guess the lady too freaked out edi XD

Anyway in the end we left the shop and i missed that pocket watch now T_T 

I was supposed to sleep bout an hour ago , but i dragged it till now ...Nooooo ....I'm going to bedddd and i shall dream of the Pocket watch !!! Tick tock tick tock tick tock .

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