Friday, July 10, 2009

Graduation is near .
Its going to be happy , but also ,
sad ..
sad about leaving my friends , being not able to spend time together with them like how i used to , even now .. I know we could still meet each other and stuffs like that , but its not going to be like  how it used to be. Its not going to be easy .To call up and have everybody there to meet up at the same time . Everybody will have something to do , something to keep them busy . Working in different places , diferent lifestyle , different breakfast hour , lunchtime , dinnertime.. might not even have supper ...

I'm not very comfortable with this feeling ..

Somehow i hope we could stay with each other longer , longer time to know each other , talk more , joke around ..but i guess its still going to happen .
I hope the graduation is not an end , but a start , 
to learn to keep your friends in touch , around you .. 

this Saturday ,  Happy Graduation ....

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