Saturday, July 4, 2009

Haven't blog for quite some time , don't know what to talk about but just lemme talk bout thing which excites me ( !o! )

I went to coll on Monday , Carson told me i got myself an award for the Student's Creativity award thing , so i was surprised , didn't think that i would win anything out of it , but i won an award for my 3 years Plus in TOA for the first time lol , and also congratulations to Carson , Jarold Meng Guan , Charmaine , Ngai Charm , Teh-O , Chris and everybody who got in as well ~

And then on the same day , Rhythm and Hues called me up telling me to try the test and i was HAPPY of course , so i did the test on Tuesday , didn't manage to finish it , faced lots of problems then i proceed working on it on Wednesday and finished it , sent it to R&H , and Thursday morning i checked my mail and there are certain parts which needs to be fixed. I Fixed it and Thursday night i sent again , and today , FRIDAY , while i was looking for parking around my coll , R&H called me for an interview on next Wednesday , I was HAPPY and then right after that call i spotted a empty slot for my car like its meant for me i was even Happier then !

Its a happy week , but also filled with lots of troubles and worries .I had to keep myself on track for the Trailer thing , and i have to finish the test to send to R&H , on and off i tried balancing on both , i turned out quite okay , not too good , but not too bad , but its sad i didn't manage to celebrate my Dad's birthday on July1st , I didn't even give him a Birthday card like how i used to do last time . No present , nothing ..but i hope by getting into Rhythm and Hues , it would be a better present to him than a card itself .

Many things are playing inside my mind right now , The fun i used to had , I still have it now , but it feels a little different , like i don't know how to explain , its just the different fun . The people i hang out with , my friends , classmates , anybody else , i'm going to miss them all ..My graduation's next week . And in 2 weeks-3weeks time , i'm finishing my final project .

I'm looking forward to finish my final project between this time span , but at the same time , i felt like i wanted it to be longer . I want to hang out with u guys longer ( YoY) , but i couldn't since the final project's pushing us to an end . We have to make things work fast , the faster we finish , the faster we're going to split .

I felt stuck in between .

Its sad hearing "we're not going to be friends forever" or "there are no friends forever" something like that , I don't want it to happen , i hope it wont happen and i hope it'll never happen.
Its going to be annoying if i can't annoy somebody else _( -o-)_

Tommorow's Saturdayyyy ...the LoneLy SATURDAY ...short and silent Saturday ..
Somebody pls make some noise tommorow ~~

I'm listening to Michael Buble's SWAY ..this used to be my fav song last time ..till now ..not bad i still like it alot ..

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