Tuesday, July 7, 2009

recently my gastric striked back again , ecspecially between this few days , but still wasn't as terrible as it is the last time last year , i felt like vomitting back then . It came back again and i thought it might be how i've used to have supper every midnight but stopped this few days .

I want a balance life when i start to work lol , OT maybe , but not everyday like now , one side of my head is heavier than the other i almost toppled over HAHA just joking thats how i use to describe how unbalanced i am .

Our trailer is finishing , should be up here by tommorow , or maybe after July 11th , my GRADUATION , yes i'm graduating this SATURDAY .

"JULY 11th 2009"
"G/K/B_ _I"
"se7en Eleven"
"the11th day of the 7th month of year 2009"
"the 192nd day of the year (193rd in leapyears)"
"Giorgio Armani's Birthday"

Its going to be a big day for everybody XD
C u all at the graduation !!!

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