Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ahhhh ~ ~
EVerybody went out for movies ~~
THe house is quiet and peaceful now XD XD
Can feel the wind from outside hoo hoo XD
lalala ~

relaxing on thursday nightt ~ After tomorrow its the weekendss and we're gonna watch final destination on Sat!! ( ^.^)V

Ahh ...can see the city from our view over here .. the lights ..
so calming little diamonds scattered all over the place ^^

Wonder what's everybody doing at home now ~

Whats Bob & Yumi doing now ~ don't forget mee yeaa ~
And how's my pc at home feelinggg , its been lonely for a month plus +
My lonely bed set ,my lonely toilet , my lonely instruments , my lonely wacom , my lonely car , my lonely drawer , my lonely alarm clock must be very quiet now one to ring to ..

C u all soon !! Nite Nite ^^ ~

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