Monday, September 21, 2009

Alright , finally i get to online again , after few days of lost connection with Internet World ~

And....And...THis is one of the best weekend i had in INDIA and i'm very very happy to get to touch music again after a month plus being over here india !! ><

Thanks to Samik ! Sheetal ! It was really really really fun today !!! We went over to Samik's place , we get to listen to his song , listen to him singing and it was terribly amazing , we get to play music together with all of u guys around , and i had never had so much fun for a long time since i landed over here , Thou i was a little shy to touch the instruments today , but in the end i get to play it !! ><

We went to Odyssey today , there were a few sections there divided into floors , and my fav section has to be the stationery's section , cuz they hav this black book with blank papers inside , with good quality papers and i can draw in it~
And also the music section , where they sell quite a number of music compilations really cheap , but i didn't get to buy the music cd's today cuz was half broke and i'm gonna use the left overs to pay for something interesting tommorow ~~ XD SO next week , Odyssey ~!! We're coming again !!! ><

We also ordered our FLute set today , it comes in different octaves and ranges in two sets , and we're gonna go collect it tomorrow ~~!!!

And thennnnn , we can play music all day tomorrow !!

Thank you soo much Samik and Sheetal !! Thank YOu Thank You !!! I had the best weekend ever ..T^T Good NIghtt !!!

Tomorrow !!! XD XD XD YAYYY ~~~~~~

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