Sunday, April 4, 2010

So last week , we decided to cook at home ,and mom did pasta , sis did the pizza and mash potato while i prepared minestrone & bruschetta. And I'm proud of myself bout this , i know its not a big thing but I'm just glad i took a little step and effort to make this happen , like , cook my own food & etc( In a serious way ), something i haven't done in a while , and it just feels good when everyone's doing it.

So here's some photo

My 1st Minestrone!
I'm not a very good cook , so i started with the easiest to prepare food , but I'm glad everyone says its edible (at least)

Bruschetta !

Mom did this one , Salmon Pasta and its TASTY !!

I'm trying some other food next time , hoping to get better :)

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Mimi said...

wow, presentation beats nelly's!! XD great job