Monday, May 10, 2010

I just couldn't bear any longer for moments when I have something in my mind.I can see all the ideas and images hovering above my head , but my hands held tight together being unable to put the fitting pieces together in reality.

I didn't have a solid sketchbook with me everywhere I go.By means , previously sketching on big A4 sketchbooks , cover was soft and papers were sloppy and tearing, wasn't good enough to draw anywhere without a back support, they just flew off or perhaps burnt themselves out I wouldn't even know where they'd gone to.

So on Sat night ,I released my inner vibe ,my 'I-WANT-TO-DRAW-ANYWHERE-I-GO" vibe , went to Times Bookstore and got my very first Solid MINI SKETCHBOOK. "This is definitely gonna work if I keep on drawing everywhere I go , EVERYDAY , it has to be" I thought.

On Sunday night ,bulls eye on Mother's day , when my family and I were all dining at PressRoom , I got out the long awaited sketchbook and started to draw. Hey it works! Only merely 30minutes and I've filled up almost 2 pages of my Mini Sketchbook. If I were to continue to do this everyday , the book's gonna end REAL FAST. I'll be waiting for the moment to compare my 1st & last page and hopefully be able to tell myself "HOLY , Look How much I Improved in just - - - !!".

I wanna be able to say that.

Again this morning in the bus , filled up a whole page with sketches again.Bus was shaky , but its worth the fun!

I'm gonna do this every single day and what I'm really waiting to see is -

"Those sketchbooks piling up like it never had , and every last page of them will be better than their predecessors last page"

So Every-Figure-Land Project(wait till I get a better name for this project ,I'm poor at namings) officially started on Sunday Night(Mother's Day) and it'll keep going on till I'm ready to move on to the next step

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