Monday, May 3, 2010

I've been reading Neil Gaiman's 'The Graveyard Book' , story's brilliant and say what ? Its gonna be made into a film !! By 'Neil Jordan' , someone i don't know , wiki stated he's made some really good movies of those which i haven't seen too. Anyway I'm hoping its going to be good of course , having seen Neil Gaiman's works adapted into films such as Stardust & Coraline. Yeap yeap , it was tad good and I very much enjoyed them , and I'm expecting alot from 'The Graveyard Book'(film adaption).

Movies i watched over the last few weeks
-The Lovely Bones (Something i wouldn't want to miss)
-The Crazies (Pretty good actually)
-The Vampire's Assistant
-New York , I Love You
-Julie & Julia (Inspiring!)
-Time Traveler's Wife
-KICK ASS (Watched this on SAT night , the best movie of the year I've seen SO FAR)

Also bought a new sketch book , actually a simple and ideal one , can't wait to get my hands on it!
Went home and did a fast digital paint of 'Medusa' , I wont ask why am I all over that creature/HER , its just marvelous , ever since i watched percy Jackson ? It just appeals to me , such brilliant design , or maybe it was the mythology behind that's playing this magic.

I have alot to commit this year. My time , of which i can see it flying. I promised myself to get at least any of my one new painting to get into ImagineFX monthly issue (within this year).
I'm a BIG BIG fan of the magazine , and it affects me , teaches me hell lot , and i should definitely go for it.

One thing about watching inspiring movie/boring movie(some people say) , like 'The Lovely bones' or 'Julie & Julia' , movies like these just happen to tingle me to work my way to what i want to achieve , and I'm thankful to all of them that came up , even music too.

So , i thought it would be really great if i could work all my way anywhere anytime , of something which i really love to do ! I'm thinking of an iPad in the near future , half a year down the road or one year perhaps , for the new iPad VER2.

Some people say , you really shouldn't work yourself like a bull all day long and no play. In fact , when i do digital paint/sketch , i don't see it as work from my point of mentality , its crazy Fun for me ,its just because i love doing it !

I've heard " Do your favorite job and everyday is your Sunday ", i couldn't agree more with that ! Of course with all these comes consequences and challenges , but what in life doesn't pay for that ? Just gotta keep walking on the right track and learn from the surroundings.

And finally, cheers to all my friends whom all graduated last 2 weeks , keep on rocking and never let anything get you down !! :)

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