Saturday, March 14, 2009

And so the winner of the darkstalkers are announced today and i didn't make it into the Darkstalkers tribute book :<
But oh well , something that i have to get over it too , but was happy i tried something and did it along with many other ppl around the world ~ Its just like a Marathon , i enjoy the whole running process , sweating and feel the wind blow on my face and the refreshment , even if i didn't win , I'm still glad i did it :)
I hope Udon's coming out with another Tribute book or something like that soon , maybe next year , yeah XD , so here it is ,my version of "Baby Bonnie Hood a.k.a Buretta"

Done in photoshop Cs3 , 4 days on and off.


ck said...

wow cool!haha...becoming a frequent blogger d..unlike me...just so lazy to like ur piece...they looks great..haha...

carsonyim said...

man, your piece 2D and nice... I wonder what criteria they judging on... Mine didn't make it too T T Badness man, badness.

patrick_cow said...

gambadei ne ^^ im still your no.1 fan ^^ wakaka =))

YH said...

Yeah , have to blog everyday now , at least i got a record of my history , poor memory XD , Thankss !!

Thanks XD
I think i'm not too good to be in the book yet , we can always try again , still early year now , many more to come ~~~~~~

Thanks !! You're a very inspiring medic student too helping me cure phsychological problem XD

Jose Cua said...

Really good try, love your 2d stuff! hahah I was dissapointed of myself for not making it also, but too many contests r starting again so have to get busy and try harder :)