Monday, March 16, 2009

Finally , got myself Starburst again !
Been holding it long enough since i had a bad bad teeth few months ago , cant hold any longer !!
And the cadbury frog, didn't know its sold here in local stores too !! Last touch was 2 years ago from Australia and was Happy to see it here in Cold Storage !!! It means i can grab it anytime i want XD

I also bought 2 photo books from the store today , not to mention that its cheap, captivated by its enchanting cover it also looks truly good inside !
Its 2 issues of Asian Geographic.

If you like too look at nature more , i would suggest the Seasons Changing one. The photos are really beautiful and well edited , good for reference too! Most of the photos are taken in China.
Here are some of it , not exactly good quality photos from my cellphone , but just to share a little , hope you'll like it too :)

The other book is more onto Asian Culture and if you prefer both photos and explanations deep into details of its culture , then its the right book for you , it also has sections of encouragement from kids around Asia handicapped but still pursuing their goals. Not the best book of all but still a book i would recommend if you're really interested into Asian Culture.

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