Thursday, March 5, 2009

Appreciate Your Life !

I was noticed through a forum that a great artist has recently left our world in a sudden way and i feel like it all happens in a shot when u blink ur eyes . Someone might could have hang out with you happily this afternoon giggling all the way and later on at night they just left and then you remembered the way he/she talked to u and smiled , both teasing each other and all that crappy talk , then you open your eyes and yes that's the last few hours ago he/she had with you .

My friend told me better appreciate the ppl around you . Everyday , people die , and people around them learns a lesson. Sometimes i feel unfair when u see someone that's good who dies early and unfairly , even kids , and bad people who still gets to enjoy luxury , but yeah, that's how it works on earth sigh . shit ...what am i talking about ..i think i start to sound annoying ~_~ i know i'm not god or buddha but yeah , just wanna say something and express what i feel.

Me and my friends each did a speed tribute paint done for the great artist"Hakubaikou" who left us . Title was based on a title of her painting "Leaving" , as we want to portray her leaving peacefully . This is the link to her DA page , its still active.
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Lastly , R.I.P , May you rest in peace , Tons Of Love ..

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