Friday, March 6, 2009

I feel so tired today , ecspecially my left leg , the knee joint feels like breaking i wanna stretch my body the whole day long , been doing it the whole day thou hahaha XD and it feels great :D
ecspecially when you're darn tired.

Newayz ,I think the left leg thing must be due to the dumb go kart accident i had when i was 10 years old (-_-") Back then i wasn't suppose to play , i was below age but i insisted so i got to ride in the go kart then the next thing i crash into lumps of tyres piled up near the wall and was almost unconcious :o I was too panic to scream back then , but lucky i didn't scream cuz back then i scream like a little girl XD The joint was a little dislocated thou and it recovered when i was around the mid of 11. Usually when i sit too long with my leg bent then when i stand up it feels like breaking again and when i was in class in the afternoon i had to stretch my leg to the longest while sitting so it wouldn't bent . It felt more comfortable stretching it ~~

Anyway here's the speed paint for today
Titled : Here,Bunny Bunny~
Duration was 2hours+ yeah took a longer time (~_~)

This time i painted this with a photo ref of a girl i took last year on a photography assignment vacation.Well i kept the photo private thou , the girl was really cute and adorable i had to capture the moment she was feeding the bunny :)

Basicly i refered to the girl,bunny and the log. I had to recreate the environment to fit into the mood i wanted to convey , to feel the warmth and also the sweet yet touching moment .This is one of the sweetest painting that i ever did till now , other than the one i painted for my mother XD

Many thanks to the little girl who was there for me a year ago so i could have this great ref , thank you so much !

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Teh-O said...

wahlauuuu you getting so gennnnggg!!! DDDDD: gimme ur talents ohhhhhhhhhhhhh D: pokes!!!