Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hi , another post after reopening my blog again ,
Newayz ~ today we had a farewell lunch for our leaving tutor ,
Yes , another tragic day in history , We'll miss him forever (~_~)

After the lunch i turned into a soaking wet liquid absorbing stick running towards my long distanced car with heavy rain pouring down along with heavy groceries slowing me down .
Anyway i feel like a movie star while running under the rain with bg music playing , cuz its what the characters do in movie , something tragic happens then he/she must run out , cannot accept the fact and it starts raining and asks him/herself , WHY ! why must this happen to me !!? yeah i know its so lame..but i like lame stuff like scary movie hahaha =D

Newayz still waiting for Nelaton to help me finish downloading the Freddy Collection (Nightmare on Elm Street ) Thanks Nelaton :D yeah , Freddy Elm Street, its classic , but i like classic horror movie like I.T , childs Play and all , New ones like childs play 4 and 5 wasn't scary at all..its like comedy.. I Cant wait for the whole 7 collection to finish downloading , i'm so impatient . After all , Freddy is the best TV villian freak i knew in my life , actually i only knew bout him bout like 3-4 years back so wasn't really my life till now =D I like creepy , horror stuffs , slasher movie , thriller .
My family thinks i'm a little abnormal i always go for these type of genres.

And today i noticed a local artist nicknamed "Puyuh" who worked for gempak , I'm outdated Haha ~ but i like his comic/ideas and his illustration , it gets me inspired just looking at the 1st part of his comic , and he's one of my fav local artist ! If you really wanna know more about him ,here's a link of his work
I hope he'll continue drawing forever and ever ! Go Puyuh Go !!

About the darkstalkers tribute thing going on around , Deadline is around the corner in a few hours time but i'm still about only 60-70% of my progression on my new submission . Already submitted the previous one thou . Good luck to all the ppl participating :>

So i'm ending it here for today , its 11:59m , 1more min to Monday morning ,
c ya , BYE !


carsonyim said...

good luck to all for DS tribute! We should watch scary movies together one day... I don't dare watch alone or in cinema..

I'm dan siao gui...

Hikari said...

i've just finished mine !!~ XDDD

good luck for the DS tribute contest~ =D

YH said...

thanks ! you guys too !!! =D