Monday, March 2, 2009

Oh !Yay~ glad to have finished what i started , the darkstalkers 2nd submission , guess i submitted it right before it turns March 2 morning XD , dont care whether its choosen or not but i'm glad i finished what i started . Inspired by Angelina Jolie from the movie Changeling : " You start a fight , you finish it ", only that this isn't a fight , just something that i started , a piece of an artwork , lol.

The 2nd piece was rough and finishing wasn't good enough , you'll see mistakes over here and there , but i'll just leave it final since the competition is over , so here it is : >

Actually Lei Lei is one of my fav characters from the Darkstalkers , i Love you Lei Lei !!!


Hikari said...

good that you think it that way~ finish what you started~ =D

i myself need more discipline.. >< lol

i like how you did the composition and the character posing~ like her how u drew her face ;D but yea, as u mentioned, the finishing still need more work~ ^^;;;

YH said...

thanks => yeah , poor finishing lol , anyway i think you're way more disciplined , u r a tutor now XD

Carmel said...

nice work~^^

YH said...

Thanks Carmel ! :>
Been quite i time since i last saw u , take care : >