Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hi !! WoW ~
This is gonna be like the 31st Post since my blog re-opened again and its March 31st today !! 31st Post on 3/31 , 31st 31st 31st 31st !!

Newayz today Wye-Yee fetched me home again , thanx Wye-Yee i owe you big time !!
speed sketch today together with Carson and Jarold , titled MONSTER due 25 mins , wasn't good in drawing monsters so i had to mix like both human and monster together so it looks monstrous XD

Inspirations from Orange Segments and some 3D Zbrush Head i googled over the net ,
Haven't really think of a good name for her yet but some name came upon while i was sketchin this , something bout "Rising" , Rising Lylice , Rising Lilies , Rising Orange Monster etc etc.XD Somehow ,It was fun , hope to be able to do this again together with more people !

Newayz , people's talkin bout Dominance War now blablabla dono anythin bout it but will try to do some research and c if i can fit in into it , god pls let me try it !
Wokayz leavin for bed now , today's the earliest Yeah ~~ and CONGRATS to my 31st POST on 31st March as well !!! (Imaginary Fireworks)
END !!


Carmel said...
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Carmel said...

After 31st March means April Fool's Day is coming~ ^_^

YH said...

Dam..Its actually 25 Posts Carmel , the other 6 posts are scraps unpublished =_= dissapointed ..