Tuesday, March 31, 2009

FInally i have my D.A(Deviant Art) I.D Yeah !!

Joined DA in the end of Aug 2006 , posted some graphic stuff done in Adobe Illustrator back then , thats all i know ,and got bored of DA cuz my gallery looks so empty and no one watched my stuff , then caught up with DA at the mid of 2008 when i started to get into Digital Painting then things was fun and its so happening around D.A realized that there were more than Art that i thought.

The community was so supporting and u find chances all around everywhere , Thanks to DA , my artwork improved a lot more compared to last time , Thanks to everyone who commented on my works and the watches , Everyone was so supporting and all , I'm so happy there's a site like DA where artist gets to learn from the very basis.

Newayz, also refined my Arumandalla thingy , got some comments from CA and had to tighten it up a lil bit , not completely done but yeah a lil progress from the previous one .

Newayz i really gotta sleep , set myself to sleep at 12 everyday but in the end it dragged till 1:30 , daily routine , Figure i should set myself to sleep at 10:30 , best time !! , Nights !! XD


patrick_cow said...

i like de topple-d dwn kid...unique wakaka :P creative ^^

YH said...

Thanks , haven't chat with u for a while already XD