Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'm so happy !! I found my I-POD i thought i was never gonna see it again in my life (T___T) It was inside my bag in a small pocket all the time how i've missed it so much now it came back to me I'm so Happy my dear I-POD i will never let you go again ~ NEVER ~~~!!!!!I feel like i have the urge to do my work again now ~~i feel like i wanna jump up and down and sing and dance doing all sorts of crazy stuffs running , heading in all directions i just feel like its a miracle , thank god i found it , i'm so happy (T___T) I'll treasure it more than ever now :>


Hikari said...

=DDD glad u found her back~ XD (is it a she or he.. lol )

carsonyim said...

haha be more careful with ur gadgets, I pamper mine cos I've lost enough to know I better >D

i think ur psp with charmaine still hahahaha

YH said...

I think my i-pod is a He when i want and a she if i need XD
Lol,she already gave me back my psp , yeah have to be extra careful with them :>