Sunday, March 8, 2009

I feel so empty today . Like there's nothing inside me .
Woke up in the morning and was dizzy , because i sleep late everyday.i should stop doing this , its killing meee . In the afternoon i tried to paint something but nothing came out and my eyes felt tired looking at the pc for too long . Then at night i invited my friends to speed paint but they had something to do , so i painted on my own instead . and i cant PAINT anythinggggg . Sleeping late has become my bad habit . Everyday i sleep around 2-3.30 and when i wake up i feel like a jelly , no matter how many times the alarm rang i shut them off , i've tried putting my alarm clock into places where i will have to walk for to shut them off , tried the toilet , the cupboard , on top of the cupboard , drawer , but instead of waking me up i felt more tired and more eager to shut the alarm off so i could get back to sleep. And now i think the only solution is to sleep early everyday which is HARD for me . I feel like a day wasted if i slept early like 10 or 11 , but ppl keep telling me i'm not wasting them if i sleep around 10 and wake up around 6 , so i could use the 6-9 as a replacement for my usual 10-1 at night . I hope this works thou :<

So i'm gonna sleep now . 1:30 (30 mins earliar than the usual time) nights ! :D


Hikari said...

aw.. i'm so sorry T__T..

ya.. i've been trying to sleep earlier these days.. around 12+ .. still sleepy during the day though.. haha ^^;;;

gdnite= )

carsonyim said...

yes it works, I did that for a while but I reverted back to the nightly life cycle since thats the time most people are lurking online. If you want we can try rest early wake early and speedpaint. If that helps~ ;)