Saturday, March 21, 2009

Watched Jurassic Park again yesterday . The first one released in 1993 an i still think its very good ,i liked it alot more compared to dino movies i saw around these days , i dont mean the newer ones are bad but Jurassic Park 1 gave me just the right amount of feel for what i'd look into a sci-fi thriller and the mechanism still looks good today . I love the story telling , acting , music , and of course the dinosaurs ! Now i feel like going on an expedition and be part of the archaeologist team and if only i have the chance ! I wanna help sorting out and brushing the dinosaur's bone too :< Goddd..this is deep interest it got me into and i really wanna wanna do it . I certainly wouldn't ,mind if its only for one day ,it will be one of the best day of my life.

I have the sudden urge wanting to be an Archaeologist now ..Its gonna be hard ,ecspecially marking myself , BAD AT SCIENE.High School sciene is boring it put me to sleep. Right Now ....i don't know anything about science . I still watch Discovery Channel sometimes, but a week later i don't really catch what i've captured from the screen. Only the torturing program ones , that i'll remember. Torturing Devices , and how the geniuses made them.

Anyway , did some research and found out the Spinosaurus is the largest carnivour species during the DINO-ERA no wonder it trashed Rex in Jurassic Park 3 ,Anyway in reality the both shouldn't meet up cuz they're like million years apart from each other , but this is MOVIESSS so ..yeah.. incase you cant figure out which one is Spinosaurus, this is the one .

Also , the sail growing from its back , its actually used to "Woo" the females XD Interesting fact , but i still don't know how it works ..maybe the female might for the longer ones , and the sail also works as a heat regulator by the way. Should have some other functions including the use for mating ? Don't know how that works.

Also found out that the first discovery of the Spinosaurus was in Egypt during year 1912 . Thats the year the Titanic sunk ! Holy ..
Just to share , not trying to link each other but yeah fun fact for me XD

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