Sunday, March 22, 2009

Right now , i'm still in a confusion of style .. still sketching my way to find my style , i'm trying out all different things now , creature , fantasy , fairy tale , horror etc and i enjoy every each of them while creating the pieces . Recently i'm into creatures/monsters and i like crazy ideas combining thing i see in everyday life , flipping my clothes overturning them on my head and see how it looks and the other way round ,sprawling roots ,observing spiders and their butt , observing tentacles , fishes , slimy stuffs , that would bring me to start the tiniest microscopic of my design . I started off with two pages today , don't have a scanner and i cannot scan them but , Hopefully I'll be able to show a little progress of the designs within this month.


Teh-O said...

looking forward to see your designs! You're definately getting crazier! Go for it yon hui!! XD

patrick_cow said...

care to listen to what i think your style is...for me i think u are more suitable for subtle and delicate art...for instance,de little gal u drew with the atmospheric backdrop...niway this i what i think only :P but sure u'll find out what ur style truly is :))