Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yeah ! Speed Painting Session with Yong Kang and Terrence , was fun all the way XD ,
Been a long time since i last touched speed Painting ! Really a good good practice , but must be faster next time XD

This is Terrence's Title : Loli Girl with Giant Sword (40 mins) unfortunately it took me 50 mins to finish it and she didn't look LOLI at all and the sword wasn't GIGANtic enough but oh well , still enjoyed painting her XD

And this one is Wye Yee's idea with the title : Yamcha / Drink Tea (1 Hour) when she joined us in the second session , unfortunately she had something important to do in the middle of the session so its only me and Yong Kang left , Terrence was away from the computer thou XD sorry Terrence we thought u were there XD
This piece is quite an interesting piece to do , inspired by my fav local artist nicknamed : Puyuh.
I really really enjoyed painting this one , and i wanted to portray something different of Drinking the Tea , so yeah , there goes the painting ,
Bad little , naughty kids gets the punishment XD
Like i say , i like freaky stuffs , yeah ~~

Well its been a fun session and i enjoyed it alot , thanks for all who joined !
Yong Kang , Terrence , Wye Yee and ME XD
See ya !!

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