Saturday, April 25, 2009

Finally i managed to finish a painting i wished to present my brother for his birthday !!
Spent 2-3 days on this on and off , overall around 10hrs plus , done with critiques which i asked helped from conceptart and cghub , its really a wonderful place to learn !

Here's the painting i'm presenting my brother ,
Its called "Moment Of The Waking Saint" , which the Saint that i depicts as the innocence of a little boy whom has no worries to arise with every morning , and living the live of heaven with no fear . But every little boy will grow up one day , into an adult , where you step out into the world you have to face fear and worries , with challenges and hardships you have to face ,You wake up feeling exhausted in the morning , with new problems to be solved , Day's weren't so smooth as before , you'll fall and eventually you have to rise , Someday when you rise up from bed in the morning , and tell yourself , you remember that you'd had the moment of a waking saint.

Conclusion : ( The real world is not an easy world to deal with , no matter how hard you fall , dont give in , keep on going and find your light ! someday you'll rise up from bed feeling like a kid with no worries again !)

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