Saturday, April 25, 2009

went to the Print shop today to have the painting done for my brother printed out but i forgotten one important stuff ! The original workfile for printing !! I left the thumbdrive at home ! How could i Oh dam , so in the end i had to ask the guy to go onto my blog , This blog , yeah the one you looking at now , told him to click on and save the picture i had below , save it and print it . In the end the whole picture turned out 40% Dark and isn't what i wanted , dont know what happened , the format was set to CMYK but still , i paid for that print anyhow :< totaled up to 15 bucks which is a total waste , i wonder if its something to do with the file i saved from the internet , so in the end , a lousy print's more likely to be a present for my brother , and great ! with no frame ! ahhhhh i'm a last minuter D:

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