Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today , i have so many to write , so many to post , for i have not post for the last two days , so this is a repay .

And so , 11th of April was the 22nd Worldwide Sketch Crawl , which is the very 1st "sketch crawl" i joined , located at KLCC Aquaria, Aquarium was not huge but its really not bad for sketch. Joined Hakim , and his Philippine friend , Ben Ben , met Sandora and some other cool people from MnU , saw Ezel and some TOA DG graduates too. If you wanna know more bout sketch crawl , visit here -http://www.sketchcrawl.com/

Was too tired from sketching , event lasted for hours , it was fun but sure its tiring , went home and got an early sleep , woke up late on Sunday morning still feeling tired . I also improvised the sketches i did a day earlier.
Here are the sketches i did ~

-The top one is a Long horn cow fish from MALAYSIA , its so small.
-Bottom one is the bamboo shark's egg .

-This one is a Phiranha , but of course it doesn't look like them at the bottom sketch , i just wanted to exaggerate the look and do something different from what i see.

-This one is placed in a huge and tall cylinder (bout 7 to 8X my height) , it looks so holy so i had to sketch this one.

This is a Chambered Nautilus , its not suppose to look like that , its way more cooler i didn't give it a fair one , while sketching this little creature the place was dark and blue i could hardly sketch . It kept turning the other way round while i was sketching it , like avoiding me. Definitely not a poser, i still don't know if thats its eye or not.

These Sea Horses kept me for quite some time , its one of my fav among the others !

This one is cat fish , so i did another sketch of a CAT FISH , i showed it to one of my friends Nelly and he said it looks like a pig instead , Lmao .

A sketch of the underwater Aquarium , wasn't that spacious actually , just wanted it to look like so i feel it too , anyway its still great :)

Top ->Turtle
Mid -> Focused more on the log rather than the spider , its hiding.
Bottom -> Big Fat Tarantula , Lmao , was joking , its a Mexican Red Knee Tarantula

The First one at the top is my most fav creature out of all i've seen , its an Albino Salamander , you have to google on this creature , its really special , here's a video i found of it in youtube ->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LjU4wjywAo&feature=related

Second one is a common Butterfly Lizard.

Last one's nothing special but a twig.

This one's named Bizarre Turtle , it really looks bizarre , its like a dinosaur.

Unfortunately , i lost 2 pages of my sketches , both are Iguanas and the most captivating ones , the Iguana , its really a Sexy Poser , it loves to pose while we sketch and we loved him , but i lost the sketch i drew of it which is sad.

I couldn't wait to show some of the photos i've gotten on cam but i just haven't transfer them into the PC yet so i'll wait till tomorrow.

Here are some sketches i did today , Carson gave the TeaPot Robot title , so this little things came up tingling their way thru the air ~

Another one with Teh-O and Wye-Yee ~

Tomorrow's gonna be the graduation exhibition opening ceremony ,after 3 years plus of classes , i'm graduating in no time , official graduation ceremony will be on the July. there are plenty of stuffs i wanna do after that , i have lots of things in my mind but i have to pursue them one step at a time , and i wanna tell myself always , i could do it if i just don't give in , and same thing to the other people around , "Remember your spirit from the start" , its a quote from some great japanese artist , but i couldn't remember who :/

I just remembered the graduation ceremony i had in high school 3 years ago in 2005. Its playing very clear in my mind just like yesterday . Time really goes by fast , in another few more years time , i'll remember tomorrow just like how i remember yesterday. And i wanna have the bestest of my time before i loose it , and i hope you guys will !

In high school i tell everybody how happy would i be when i get to college , becuz its an art college , i don't have to study for good , all i'll do is draw the whole time . It actually proved me wrong when i got into the 1st year of college , its the worst nightmare of my life , i wasn't hardworking at all and i got pretty bored of the subjects and classes i had to attend. Worst , i did something idiotic which marked 2006 as the worst time and the most embarrasing moment i had in life. I started to hate College and i wanted to quit cuz i felt no hope at all for what i made myself with both my bare hands. Then I Failed in 2 of the subjects and watched all my friends proceed but i stayed.

I failed to quit the coll and was intended to stay or either Stop the Studying and go to work. So i stayed in coll and continued , all alone in new class with people i dont know . Those time are horrible as hell and i told myself i should've took up business instead of art , by then i knew i was fooling myself cuz no matter what , i still love art more than any other things , other than music. I proceeded with classes and i hate to be in a new class with people i do not know at all , everyday and everything was alone and i feel sad cuz i watch my other friends proceed but i stay , but who was i to blame ? Me...by that time its already too late.

on the other hand ..My whole family was disappointed in me.. Other than my sister , i dont think she know whats really going on that time, i could feel the whole family losing hope in me and i feel useless i should crumple myself like a paper and be thrown into the bin . Instantly on that night , quietly , i stared at the artwork on my floor , mostly figure drawing that i shown to my brother , mostly C++ , some D , which i told him its really good enough , and most people achieve the same grade i did , which is a lie , i've been a terrible liar. I look at them..the ugly drawings ..this isn't what i dreamt of during high school , what i dreamt of was truly near perfection and i was supposed to be a very passionate guy who never gets bored of drawing and be happy on what i was doing. I look at all the drawings , all the ugly drawings which i let them pass by my eye all these times , and then i asked myself , bout what i've been doing thru this one whole year , all i did was nothing but had my time blown away .

Then i knew this isn't what i wanted. I dont wanna go on like this for the rest of the 2 years , i wanna bring myself to the very first time of why i'd wanted to pursue this dream , the very first burning passion in me when i chose the college. Then it wasn't instant hardwork from that day onwards , it was a step by step , and until today , i'm still not a very hardworking person , i still delay at times , but i'm pretty sure the passion for art that i longed for , is inside of me now , which is stronger than what i had from the first one , and its still growing.

During these 2 years , i met many people , i met new friends , new people , and now i'm happy to be part of them and learning along with them cuz there are many inspiring people ! In another few more months or years , i'll be meeting new people and will be moving towards on and on and i wanna keep learning as i go.

I realized that for me , i used computer to do lots of stuffs to create something beautiful , Computer is a very important tool to me , and i believe , to everybody. Most of the programs i used in the computer , if i dont like it , i can click the "UNDO" button , and problem solved.

But in reality , i realized that the most important tool for me is still myself , my hands , my knowledge , My Brain , mind , heart , etc. What have been done cannot be Un-Done with just a click , i've wasted one year of my life doing silly things and produced nothing , and i cannot bring back that one year to me to start all over again. Now i'm happy with what i am doing and i hope i can bring it further more than before , i've been doing lotsa stuffs and being active in forums and entries and i get to know many great people out there !

Somehow , i hope i could find myself in a place i've always dreamt to be in , and work along with it happily till i'm satisfied , and i hope you guys out there are the same !!

"Always remember the passion you have in the beginning !"

Sorry if reading this makes you confuse , all these came out all of the sudden i wanted to remind myself of what i've used to be when i'd chose this path , didn't think i'd post this stuffs here in the beginning of the sketch crawl post , anyway i hope you wont get Bored and sleepy of what i typed , just something i wanted to share !

Anyway tomorrow i'll be posting some photos i've gotten from the Aquarium , some are really good , some are terrible ! but i will still share them ! :)

Cya !!

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