Friday, April 17, 2009

Was so inspired by Kekai Kotaki after i read from TzeLiang's Imagine FX's Issue 41 , brilliant book with so many things to see , so many to learn from !

Went home and did some sketches , this one came out !
Title for this paint is "The Market" , 2hrs plus in Ps3 .

Tried Overlay on the Grayscale and chose the colours i wanted then depending on the need i applied normal layer paint over onto it.

The character in the painting is a maid .She went to the market , got something , its shining ! so the story goes on etc etc.
I didn't want the whole painting to look dead so i made all characters interactive linked to each other , except for the farground characters ! Somehow i hope it isn't too dark with some computers viewing this one , it looks darker when i preview it in the laptop !

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