Sunday, May 10, 2009

HOLLIE Mollie Ollie been some time since i posted .....mentioned that i recovered from sick and didn't have the motivation , strength , sense and patience to put myself still face to face with my PC , cant draw ! cant paint ! what the hell is wrong ..hope this is not gonna happen every time I've just recovered from some stupid sick or that would be hell cuz its been almost 2 weeks since that and only now i find myself slowly going back to the usual state , and with 2 weeks that's long , and i kept looking at motivating works , sites , books ,so afraid to loose everything i learnt , blablabla and so on ..there must be someway to stop this ill fated disease therefore ..lets move on to sacrificial now , Ok and lets put that aside now ..Gahaha thats rubbish ... newayz today's Mother's Day , so i presented and gave my mom a paint , not something big or shiny but i hope she likes it !

Treasure your Mama ! I dont know why people out there some of them been acting crazy saying they'll kick their Mom's Asses when he sees her cuz she made his life miserable as hell , don't know the story but that's entertaining Gahahahaha , way to wish your mom a happy mother's day .

Lets move on to the next part . I'm a lucky person today . I can't get the ImagineFX Mag at the store today , so ..I turned to other shelf and look what I've got ! I've gotten myself "Skeleton Crew" ! If I'd get the ImagineFX mag i'd just pay and walk out , i wouldn't have found the Skeleton Crew ! Anyway it seems to have lots of interesting stories in it , One of it The MIST , been adapted into a movie by Frank Darabont , but still gonna read that part , lets see how good the book can be , movie was already way to good ! As Usual , Stephen King's never a disappointment .

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