Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm sorry i cant help it but to share this with you guys , and i just dont understand how people cant see from different point of views and appreciate something as pure art rather than causing a rant , making artists miserable . 

SO here's the story ,
This guy , A user on DA , Cellar-fcp if you guys have an DA account and had watched him , you'll know the skills and talent he possesses . 
So recently , He posted up some of his few collective paintings with the visual theme of "Prostitutes" in his upcoming book Erotica. Then the newest painting came up , titled Child Prostitution , with paintings of children underage , half nude. So here's when the rant started when people started to disagree on how could he paint and post something like that which is clearly against the Law and DA's Rules & Regulations . 
You start hearing noises from some dimwitted-head keeping up to their plain stupid ego and even reported to have it removed from DA.
Here's one good example , just go to the link.


Worst , when you hear people telling that the artwork is not beautiful , its sick and all , and what's worser than you can imagine ? Its when you start hearing people say he's painting all these prostitution image including child prostitution , as a self promotion to earn profit. Thats Sick to hear.

It would be great if people could just appreciate art as it its , but sadly no... Sadly no ..
I'll end today's post dissatisfied , after witnessing so many great artist , now one of my fav artist having to face some bullshit , fighting against the narrow minded , lets wish him the best of all !!

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