Friday, August 7, 2009

I went back to SriKL- today ~ 
and this time dragged Danny along lol, Thank you for the accompany ( ^o^) 0

Went back mainly for the nasi lemak i've been eating for many maNY yearss , until today , its still the best one i've had ><

Reached as early as 7am and to my surprise there weren't many students as it used to be like before when i was studying there. The canteen used to be crowded as early as that last time .

After the breakfast , walked around the primary school area and peeked into the music room , and the scent was exactly the same like how it used to be like when i was a kid  , ah ..i liked that scent , wanted to join the kids in the music class too ><

Overall was fun , and i'm glad some teachers remembered me  ( T^T)o
Last time i use to dislike them ..but now i miss them ( X_X) whats this ....

Anyway , today i met Louie XD , and its been nice on its 1st day ..
its kinda upset i left it in the car when i was out and when i came back it doesn't look happy ..its been very very upset  lol 

" Grrrarrrrr "

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