Sunday, August 9, 2009

There're many things happening lately , ecspecially this week , and it has to be done within this week XD , Lotsa lotsa stuffs before i leave .

And i just finished the Freelance thing and passed it to the client , so YAYYY for now !! XD
Its a relief when he finished transfering the files to his laptop , but the morning was a disaster when i woke up at 9:30 and start locating the files and burn them into DVD unfortunately the burning process didn't work out , i guess it didn't like that particular DVD and in the end i transfered the files to my PSP instead and brought it there (  -_-)" and allll becuz i lost my Thumbdrive ... T^T

why does my stuffs always run away form me i wonder .. i have to tie them up next time hoho ...

Ahh ..and another thing ..i felt like i neglected my family this week , i didn't really spend much time with them , and they're quite dissapointed ..Gosh what was i thinking ><>

And Wye Ee , Happy 21st Birthday !!! Shi ke Shu ! Hope u had fun !!

There are many things i wanna talk about and all but i can't finish typing it now , I'll think of how to write it down here , again , later !!!

C U  !! (  ^o^)o

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