Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sigh ..went over to Teh-O's apartment today to have dinner with them , then around 9 plus was a little hungry so i boiled some milk but eventually the milk over boiled and the milk spilled all over the place ..then i was stunned ..they had to clean up the place and all i do was watch em clean T^T wth ...
sorry .......................... then later on Michelle took the water boiler to boil some water but cuz some milk went under the fuis and not dried , it popped ..then the kitchen went black out . Then they had to worry bout wat to remove from the fridge and all this and that , the laundry stuffs and etc ..

Sry ...didn't know it would turn out like that ..
Sigh .... Shud hav just stay at home dammit ..


Shinichi @ Shixye said...

oAO you blew the kitchen up... holy ~!

YH said...

i didn't blow it up D :
Its still there , just blew the light off , LOL

Keik said...

LOL... Aiih.. Feel like u need getting used to living alone.. XD

Nvm.. U'll get the hang of it.. *pat pat