Friday, August 14, 2009

Lets see ..what can i say for today ..
apparently i fell sick on Wednesday , caught a sore throat , then at night it worsened , and it almost killed me during midnight .. but when i woke up on Thursday morning its fineee XD ok , not that fine , at least not that pain anymore , much much better ..but on Thursday i caught myself Flu , and today , Friday , i got a little cough i decided to eat plain stuff , non-spicy .

So yesterday night was with my friend having dinner , then i ordered chicken soup noodle , asking him if its spicy or not , and i told him i want "non-spicy" so he said ok . then i wanted to reassure again , i asked again "non-spicy" right ? then he said "yea non-spicy". So i waited for my food to come , then when it came , i took my first sip ..and ...and .... anD ...So much of black pepper or ajinamoto or maybe their spice or something like thattt .. i wonder again what's non spicy here T^T ..

So today for my lunch , i grabbed something safer at the canteen , plain white rice , some vegetables , and a healthy bunch of green vegetables :D So i sat down and ate the green vegetables and then CRUNCH ... theres this BIG CHILLI inside it. And i digged and flipped over the bits of vegetables . And i see all the evil little Chillis hiding there .


At this rate , its gonna take forever for me to recover ...

Either Fast food , or Indian Food ..which one now ??

so today , later on , i'll be extra careful make sure ...all my food is non-spicy ..for this period of recovering , this is all i'm asking for ( >.<)o

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