Saturday, October 24, 2009

Finally I'm back at Malaysia ..
what could i say ? It feels like home ...
In my own room , my own pc , own musical instruments ..

Whats empty inside of me now is the people i've met over there in India ,
I'm missing them alot .. the place and etc ..
I've met many great ppl i would never forget , I've learn from the ppl over there ,
I've learnt many , and loved many .. i never thought i would love India this much at the first place , its too good ..
ALL that i've seen , met , learned , i wouldn't forget ..

I am happy i went there , and met ppl over there , made friends with them , and i'm also happy cuz i know i'm going back there again defenitely .. And there's many more places to explore over there ..

I'm thanking everybody who made all these possible ..from the day i got the interview , the offer , the probation , and being accepted , anybody who's involved in it , no matter who you are , or whatever small little things u did which made a change for good , helped me earn what i had today ..

"Thank You & I love you all , god bless"

And Ohkay !

Back to Malaysia now , 2 things i regreted ,laugh all you want :)
- I Missed Taj Mahal (It was so stupid of me)
- I should have bought A.R.Rahman's concert ticket for collection (even thou it means missing the concert)

Those 2 above , but for Taj Mahal , i'm defenitely going there ! And for A.R.Rahman , i hope he comes to Malaysia , if not ..i'm gonna fly to somewhere he's performing the concert ..somewhere possible for me to reach at least :(

He's having his "JAI HO" concert today at Hyderabad , near Rajiv Gandhi airport , 6pm India time .. I wonder how's it like ..its gonna be awesome ..hope someone posts the video of it , or i can see the DVD displaying on the rack at the video store, Love u A.R.Rahman're awesome ..

Anyway , i'm gonna have to prepare for lotsa stuffs , gonna go back to my Music composition i didn't finish for a looong time , Splash Project , my India Short Film :D , and also Back to WORK on Monday !! :)

Love u all ! Good Night !! :)

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