Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Its 6th October now and i will be leaving India on the 16th of October back to Malaysia ..The 2 months of which i spent over here has been wonderful and i've met so many people and made new friends , learnt new things , i met people who shares the same hobby and interest as me , and so ever passionate , so dedicated , so inspiring and all.

I'm glad i met them all and going back on the 16th now seemed a little too fast that i wanna spend some more time with them , but on the other hand , its also time to go , Miss my family and friends back there.

Going back home will not change the fact of what i've seen and learnt , whom i've met and whom i've admired and looked up to. I will always admire and will still learn from the people here , and i'll never forget the time i've spent with the people here.

It'll be another 10 more days here in India and i'll make the most out of it.
See ya ~ Good Night India :-D

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