Monday, November 16, 2009

Alright , so ..i just came back from an Orchestra at Philharmonic Klcc , and i had to say its stunningly beautiful ...and i got struck in my head hard when i hear the performer play "Cinema Paradiso" ...The reason why i started picking up violin classes ..

why on earth did i ever gave up on violin class ?? i shuldnt think i'm too old for it rite ..i stopped the class at age 20 , for what ? tired ? not a good excuse ... nthgs stronger than the passion in you rite ? although i still continue playing the violin , without attending classes , i tend to pile up with lotsa bad habits ...violin starts slipping of my shoulder , cant swap my fingers in an accurate position and just way too many more to explain .. and i dont believe it when ppl say " you'll be good only when you learn since a kid ".. thats rubbish .. nothings too late to learn ... i've to find ways back to re-attend classes ..i'm 21 , and i believe passion + believe + practice would lead me to where i wanna be .. no one's gonna tell me i'm wasting my time or boo me off ..

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